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Yet more new zines at AWS!

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  • Mystery Frank
    AGENT WITH STYLE * www.agentwithstyle.com * To see how to get a FREE ZINE, go see our website! ________________________________________________ * The Beatles
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      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      To see how to get a FREE ZINE, go see our website!


      * The Beatles *


      Some people know that love is eternal...some people must be taught.
      Paul McCartney has much to learn from the three men who wait for him
      at the end
      of his life. And he has even more to teach them. A magical,
      lyrical, sweet, loving, thrilling, hugely funny and deeply erotic
      love story between four men with mythical dimensions. At the heart
      of it is the profoundly compelling love between John and Paul, who
      must find make peace with each other before the four of them can be
      one. Some B&D elements, multiple partner lovemaking, romance, humor,
      and, oh, some pirates, too. By a well-known fan writer working
      behind the name of Chanson de la Lune. This is *not* RPS, but based
      on the movie-verses of "Help!", "A Hard Day's Night" and "Let It Be


      * Blake's 7 *


      Worlds are being destroyed, and someone is laying the blame at
      Liberator's door. In spite of the danger, Jenna convinces Blake to
      rescue the survivors of a sabotaged Federation ship, who prove very
      untrustworthy guests, making the ship a battleground. And then Avon
      slips away, against orders, and returns covered with blood, at
      death's door.... An intricate, tantalizingly Byzantine mystery
      written by Irene Stubbs, with a lovely cover by Gin Turpin.


      * Forever Knight *


      Containing some wonderful stories by engaging authors like
      Carmen and Bonnie Pardoe, this Vachon-centric zine explores what it's
      like to be a vampire living on the edge, one possibly in love with a
      female human cop, one not under the control of, nor part of the
      lineage of LaCroix, and therefore, very dangerous. Come explore the
      night with Vachon!


      * Lonesome Dove *


      In the small western town of Curtis Wells live sweethearts Newt
      Call and Hannah Peale, and rich-man Clay Mosby, who owns most of the
      town and has an obsession with young Hannah, who looks remarkably
      like his late wife, Mary. Mosby's friends from childhood, Robert and
      Olivia, stand by him as he fights his attraction to Hannah.
      Contained in this zine are a pair of stories, written individually by
      Roberta Stuemke and Jody Revenson, about the ghosts that haunt Clay
      Mosby...from idyllic antebellum childhood, through the horrors of a
      most uncivil war, to the need to survive and start over...and the one
      ghost he can never leave behind, in Virginia or New Orleans or
      Montana. In the notes of a song comes the cold urge to die. One day,
      he will be alone, without Robert or Olivia or Mattie to stop him, and


      * Star Trek: Deep Space 9 *


      In this wonderful tale written by Tami Regan, with a lovely
      cover by C. Udall, word reaches Kira that Bajoran children are being
      raised in Cardassia as future spies. With O'Brien's help, she
      secretly crosses the border -- not knowing Ro Laren has done the same
      while on leave for Sito Jaxa's funeral, with a terrorist ally. Back
      on the station, Garak hints to Bashir that it may all be a trap,
      arranged by the Obsidian Order. But there's no way to reach or warn
      Kira and Ro...


      * Tales of the Gold Monkey *


      In 1938, seaplane pilot, soldier of fortune and former Flying
      Tigers pilot Jake Cutter made his home on the South Pacific island of
      Boragora, along with his one-eyed dog Jack and his mechanic Corky.
      His other companions were Bon Chance Louie, the local magistrate and
      owner of the Monkey Bar hangout, Sarah Stickney White, the bar's
      singer,who was actually an American spy, and Dutch minister Willie
      Tenboom, who was actually a German spy. Rounding out the
      cast of schemers was Princess Kogi, ruler of the nearby island of
      Matuka, and the samurai warrior Todo, who commanded her private army.
      With stolen gems and international politics -- Jake didn't know what
      he was in for when he, Sarah, Louis and the reverend flew to Kahiki
      to help fight a plague, and met a mixed group of spies, thieves and
      Princess Koji. Has Sarah fallen in love? Will Jake succumb to
      Koji's wiles? Can Willie betray his friends to his masters? Will
      the troubles of a Celtic island spell war across the Pacific?
      Written by Sharon Monroe, with illustrations by C. Udall, don't miss
      this terrific tale!


      * The Young Riders *

      In the town of Sweetwater, a man named "Teaspoon" Hunter, a very
      eccentric, but caring boss, gathers and trains a group of young men
      to move the U.S. mail from town to town on horseback. Since it's a
      very dangerous job, only orphans, with no family to care if they are
      killed, are accepted. Comprising the group are Jimmy Hickok, a rebel
      with a chip on his shoulders; Billy Cody, a young, too cocky for his
      own good rider, with an excellent ability with a gun; Buck Cross, a
      half-white, half-Kiowa Indian, and his friend, Ike McSwain, a mute
      who lost his hair and his ability to talk due to Scarlet Fever; the
      Kid, and Lou McCloud, a small, but a big spirited rider with a
      secret. Looked after by Emma Shannon, who has taken the job of
      taking care of these orphans, this group of hard-riding youngsters
      are a handful. But after extensive training, the Pony Express is


      In this zine, written by Kathryn Connery and T.J. Starbuck,
      Aileen O'Rourke thought she could face anything life and prejudice
      could do to a willful Irish girl. But then she dared to fall in love
      with a half-breed Pony Express rider, and discovered the price could
      be her family and her life...and if the leader of the lynch mob has
      his way, Buck will pay, too, at the end of a rope, or the barrel of a


      (sequel to INDIAN LOVER) Connery and Starbuck have done it
      again in this wonderful digest-sized zine! Four red-haired women of
      Sweetwater have been brutally murdered. Who will be the next to
      die? Will it be Angela, the banker's daughter and Cody's new
      sweetheart? Will it be Emma, keeping vigil alone at the station? Or
      will it be Cody himself, caught between a vigilante, a killer, and a
      vengeful father?

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
    • Agent With Style
      Our next con is MediaWest*Con in Lansing, MI, on May 27-30, 2011. We ll be in Room 263. The deadline for pre-con orders is past, but if you d like to send
      Message 2 of 2 , May 20, 2011

        Our next con is MediaWest*Con in Lansing, MI, on May 27-30, 2011.   We'll be in Room 263.

        The deadline for pre-con orders is past, but if you'd like to send one in, we'll do our best to fill it.

        We hope to see everyone at the con!

                               AGENT WITH STYLE
                       * www.agentwithstyle.com *

        Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


                  * Buffy the Vampire Slayer *


             'Observare' is Latin for 'one who observes' and as Buffy's Watcher, this title fits Rupert Giles particularly well.  But when the Watcher's estranged father dies and he must fly to England to take care of matters, he falters, feeling the pull of familial duty on one side and a desperate desire to keep Buffy safe on the other.  Buffy squashes the dilemma in her typical pragmatic fashion by insisting on coming along on the trip.  Now, that Giles knows Buffy is safe, he begins to worry about her learning too much about his rough-and-tumble past.  Can their Watcher-Slayer relationship last if Buffy discovers everything he's worked so hard to hide?  A thoroughly engaging gen novel by Jeanne DeVore, with beautiful interior illustrations by Linda Fairbanks.  Not to be missed!


                       * The Professionals *


             In this engaging slash novel by Darby Brennan, Bodie, having just had his engagement broken off, goes away for a few weeks' holiday to Ramsgate.  There, he meets the owner of a high-class hotel, one Raymond Doyle, an openly gay man who obviously fancies Bodie.  After a kiss, Ray vanishes for a couple of days, leaving Bodie to ponder if it's gay sex he's interested in, or Doyle in particular. He decides the latter and sets about seducing Ray.  Everything is fine until Det. Sgt. Murphy arrives with a photo of a known drug smuggler, and asks Ray if he's seen the man, and Ray finds it is the man with whom he is now in love... Bodie.


                              * The Sentinel *


             Rowan has written a fascinating slash A/U novel with a plot rich in details.  In a world where a unified America never happened, there are two countries:  one where all its citizens are free, and one where black masters rule over white slaves.  In this second country, Blair is owned by a cruel and sadistic man who uses him as a sexual 'sweetener' to get businessmen to agree to deals.  Blair meets Jim Ellison, a fellow slave who belongs to a different owner, in passing while on a grocery shopping trip, and Jim gives him a phone number for a slave underground.  When Blair's owner promises him to a large party of businessmen to secure their business, Blair calls the number, and begins a journey through the underground to the freedom of the neighboring country.  Once there, he's tested and declared a Guide, and is asked to go back, to become the Guide of Sentinel Ellison, who is working undercover to help slaves escape and to bring an end to slavery.  Can Blair handle going back into slavery now that he's tasted freedom, especially to help a man he's only briefly met?  Can Blair and Jim, together with Jim's sympathetic owner, Simon Banks, actually bring about such huge social change?  Don't miss this amazing novel!


                              * Stargate SG-1 *


             While off world with another team, Sam and Daniel are invited to take part in a festival.  What they don't know is that someone has an agreement with the Goa'uld, and it's nothing to do with hosts.  Imprisoned, Sam and Daniel pretend to be a couple as protection, and discover pretending won't suffice.  Nor will pretending they don't know that they've something in common -- the sexual favors of Jack O'Neill.  An unusual slash/het/ship story by Rowan, incorporating the canon of Sam/Jack, and the fanon of Jack/Daniel, with a fantastic, positive ending.


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                                AGENT WITH STYLE
                       * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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