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Re: Newbie here-Hello :)

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  • dclady511
    ... years,stay-home ... have ... bunny bouncer.I write ... with Charmed ... it shows in ... Boreanaz,Hugh ... here!! :) ... So glad to see another stay at
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 7, 2004
      --- In Beta_Unlimited@yahoogroups.com, OnyxWillowRose@a... wrote:
      > Hi there-new to the list. :)
      > My name is WillowRose.I'm 35,married,been with hubby for 11
      > mommy to two boys 11 and 8.Fanfic is my escape-a much needed one.I
      > recently started writing and am looking for a beta,plus a plot
      bunny bouncer.I write
      > strictly Buffy and Angel fanfic,but I have a Spike/Leo crossover
      with Charmed
      > mulling about in my brain.I have a very strange sense of humor,and
      it shows in
      > my writing,I think.My fave actors are James Marsters,David
      > Jackman,Tobey Maguire...I'm sure there's more.I'm glad to be
      here!! :)
      > WillowRose

      So glad to see another stay at home mom. Welcome.
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