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New slash Starsky and Hutch novella

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  • Agent With Style
    DEADLINE FOR PRE-CON ORDERS BASCon...............past SHareCon.............past, but will take pre-con orders for *just-announced* zines only
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2004
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      SHareCon.............past, but will take pre-con
      orders for *just-announced* zines only

      Eclecticon..............midnight, Oct. 25

      Galaxy Con............midnight, Nov. 8

      If you want to pick up zines at any of these cons,
      please place your pre-con orders on our webpage as
      soon as possible!

      Agent With Style

      is proud to announce a brand new
      slash Starsky and Hutch novella is available


      Running a sting operation to catch a kingpin of
      child prostitution, Starsky and Hutch must pretend to
      be cops on the take, willing to look the other way for
      a wad of cash. But in order to cement their covers
      and make their new employer trust them, they have to
      'partake of the bounty' by letting two young girls
      orally service them. Heartsick and disgusted, they
      play their roles, and are taken into the
      organiza-tion. But Hutch can't get the face of the
      young girl out of his mind -- she reminds him of
      someone he knows. His need to protect her and get her
      away from the kiddie porn king just might endanger
      himself as well as his partner. Can Starsky see
      what's going on and do something before it's too late?
      Can helping a friend -- a best friend like no other
      -- cross the line and open a door that should never
      have been opened? Skillfully written by Evangeline
      Anderson, with a beautiful color cover by QuinGem,
      this novella will be one you can't put down!

      * * *

      UNOPENED DOORS by Evangeline Anderson

      Starsky was glad once they got to the safety of
      the Torino so he could vent. "That was...! God,
      Hutch. That sonuvabitch. I just wanted to pound
      him!" He started the engine, soothed somewhat by the
      powerful rumble of the car around him.

      "I didn't want to leave her there." Hutch's
      voice was low and the look on his face was pure
      misery. His big hands fisted on his thighs

      "I know, babe," Starsky said quietly, reaching
      over to cover one of the tense fists with his palm.
      "I didn't, either, but it's not like she had anywhere
      to go and we couldn't exactly take her home with us.
      Especially not after...." He sawllowed, unable to

      "I know." Hutch squeezed his eyes shut and
      rubbed his forehead with the heel of his hand. "God,
      Starsky, I know it was necessary, but that whole scene
      just made me feel so goddamn *dirty*."

      "I'm with you, partner." Starsky tried to focus
      on the road, but he could tell Hutch wasn't ready to
      let the subject drop.

      "I mean, we've had to do this before, but it was
      never so.... I hated myself, Starsk. Hated myself
      for doing that and then leaving her there. I mean,
      that other girl, Patricia, she could take care of

      "Yeah," Starsky norted. "She's eighteen goin' on
      35, that one."

      "But the way I used her...Tabby--"

      "In case you didn't notice, it was *me* who used
      her, Hutch," Starsky said roughly. "And I didn't like
      it any more than you did, buddy."

      "Yeah." Hutch fell silent for a moment and then
      he said carefully, "Why...Why did you grab my hand?
      When we were about to... you know."

      "Don't know," Starsky said honestly. "It just
      seemed... natural," he said at last, awkwardly.
      "Seemed right."

      "It felt right to me, too," Hutch admitted in a
      low voice, his eyes trained on the dark streets
      outside the Torino's window. "Up until then, I was
      feeling so rotten, so guilty, that I wasn't even sure
      I'd be able to, you know, finish. But as soon as you
      took my hand, it was like...I don't know. It helped
      take me over the top. I guess that's pretty strange."

      "Why?" Starsky demanded quietly. "You were
      there, I was there. We were in a hard situation
      together. We helped each other like we always do.
      What's so strange about that?"

      "We don't usually 'help' each other that way,
      partner," Hutch reminded him.

      Starsky could hear the warning in his friend's
      voice. //Some doors are better left unopened.//

      To read more, get this great zine! UNOPENED DOORS now
      available at Agent With Style's webpage

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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