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New gen Pirates of the Caribbean zine

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  • Agent With Style
    DEADLINE FOR PRE-CON ORDERS BASCon...............past, see you at the con! SHareCon.............past, but will take pre-con orders for *just-announced* zines
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2004

      BASCon...............past, see you at the con!

      SHareCon.............past, but will take pre-con
      orders for *just-announced* zines only

      Eclecticon..............midnight, Oct. 25

      Galaxy Con............midnight, Nov. 8

      If you want to pick up zines at any of these cons,
      please place your pre-con orders on our webpage as
      soon as possible!

      Agent With Style

      is proud to announce a brand new
      gen Pirates of the Caribbean zine is available


      "Any man might be forgiven if he dismissed Jack
      Sparrow as a popinjay and a dandified lush. Under his
      disreputable tricorne jammed atop a faded red bandana,
      Sparrow wore his long dark mane in an almost felted
      mat of braids and dreadlocks that were only the
      crudest attempt to ape the long curls of a
      gentle-man..." But we soon see his backbone of iron
      and his sense of fairness. Written by Mary Reed, with
      a to-smile-for cover by Wanda Lybarger and interior
      illus-trations by Barbara Fister-Liltz, this
      collection of stories has mystery, adventure, romance
      and even answers a few questions we all had as the
      credits rolled on the movie. Don't miss this
      fantastic zine!

      * * *

      OUT OF TIME by Mary Reed

      With his free hand, Gibbs moved Anna Maria's hand
      aside and looked under the blood-soaked pad she had
      held against Sparrow's chest. "Ah, Jack..." came his
      drawn-out soft groan of regret.

      Anna Maria started to flare at Gibbs when Jack's
      head dropped back into her hand. His eyes were
      sunken. Within the darkened lids, the staring whites
      gave his black eyes a fierce concentration, as if he
      were absorbing every detail of her face above him.
      Then his expression changed. It softened, then like a
      school boy earnestly anxious to get out an answer he
      knew, he opened his mouth wider to drag in necessary

      "I lo--" The tension went out of his face and
      his eyes started to fix in his head.

      "No!" Anna Maria shook him with the cruelty of

      The agony refocused him, his eyes squeezed shut,
      and he groaned through clenched teeth and tried feebly
      to roll free of her clutch.

      "Lass...." Ben's face mirrored the pain in
      grief. He reached to make her desist.

      She jerked away fiercely. "No, Ben, he's *not*
      going to fall behind!"

      Harsh in misery, Ben lifted the cloth, gesturing
      with it at the wound. "What would you have, lass?
      He's holed through the middle!" He turned Sparrow on
      his side to look at his back and grimaced at the
      unblemished vest. "And not clean through, at that!
      The ball's still in him!" he hissed.

      He gathered Jack's body onto a cradling arm,
      automatically enfolding him with more care than he'd
      have admitted, and glared at her.

      She snatched the pad and stuffed it back inside
      Sparrow's shirt. "He came back from that island where
      Barbossa marooned him! He killed Barbossa. He got
      away from the *noose,* Ben --- and we came back for
      him. Jack Sparrow's a *survivor,* Ben. More lives
      than a cat -- and you know it!"

      She and Gibbs knelt, isolated in their silent,
      subborn confrontation, unheeding of the combatants
      whirling around them.

      It was Gibbs whose expression opened; he breathed
      a vast sigh and glanced down at the half-conscious man
      propped against his shoulder. She saw his resolve
      harden and the face he lifted to her had a gleam in
      the eye and a tight smile pulling. "Aye... *Aye,*
      girl! If he can still fight, so can we!"

      He got up on one knee and she helped him steady
      Sparrow's body over his shoulder. She winced as
      Jack's drowned expression twisted with the agony of
      the pressure against his chest, then his cheek sank
      onto Gibbs' back and he was mercifully unconscious...

      To find out how it ends, get this great zine! THE CAT
      IN THE TRICORNE HAT now available at Agent With
      Style's webpage (www.agentwithstyle.com).

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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