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New slash Starsky and Hutch zine

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  • Agent With Style
    DEADLINE FOR PRE-CON ORDERS SHareCon, BASCon........past, but will take pre-con orders for *brand-new* zines only Eclecticon..............midnight, Oct. 25
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      SHareCon, BASCon........past, but will take pre-con
      orders for *brand-new* zines only

      Eclecticon..............midnight, Oct. 25

      Galaxy Con............midnight, Nov. 8

      If you want to pick up zines at any of these cons,
      please place your pre-con orders on our webpage as
      soon as possible!

      Agent With Style

      is proud to announce a brand new
      slash Starsky and Hutch novel is available


      Written by Cynthia, with a gorgeous cover by Judi
      Jones, the three tales in this 260-paged, digest zine
      run the gamut from first-time stories to tales of
      sudden, confusing breakup and ultimate rejoining.
      Tears and laughter, sadness and joy, all tinged with
      the deep love Starsky and Hutch have for one another.
      Don't miss this fantastic zine!

      * * *

      A FINE RESOLUTION by Cynthia

      "Babe, please talk to me."

      When Starsky brushed a tear away with his thumb,
      Hutch scrambled off the bed and grabbed his shorts.
      He escaped the bedroom and found temporary solace
      among the greenery of his hothouse. Upon hearing
      Starsky's bare feet, Hutch kept his back to his

      "Tell me," Starsky gently ordered.

      "I planned on telling you tonight how I felt
      about you." Hutch bitterly laughed and pulled a dry
      leaf from a plant.

      "Whatever it is, Hutch, it won't change us."

      Hutch swung around, feeling overwhelming anger
      take charge. "You think not!" he challenged. "Do you
      honestly believe there is nothing in this world that
      could change you and me?"

      "If you're talking about what happened just a
      little while ago, you're wrong, Hutch. We're better
      because of it."

      "I wish...." Hutch licked his dry lips and shook
      his head. "Why are you so goddamn strong, Starsky?
      How in the hell can you be so tough as to survive that
      hit on you?"

      "Easy, Blondie," Starsky replied softly. "I'm
      strong because of you." He moved close to Hutch and
      gently put his hands on Hutch's arms. "What's
      happening, babe?"

      Hutch pulled back and the grappling with his
      emotions failed. "Not anymore. I shouldn't have...."

      "Do you want the works, Hutch? I love you and
      you've got me whether you like it or not. Heart, body
      and soul. I'll give you every sappy soap scene that
      you'd ever want."

      "Don't, Starsk. Don't be so quick to give me
      everything I've ever wanted. I don't deserve it,"
      Hutch painfully whispered. He turned away and planted
      his hands on the shelf of foliage. Gripping it
      tightly as if his life depended on it, he violently
      shoved it away. The shelf dropped on its side and the
      plants tumbled to the hard floor with a loud crash.

      Starsky grabbed Hutch around the waits and pulled
      him back. "Jesus, Hutch! What the hell is going on?"

      Hutch broke away from Starsky and backed up
      against the wall. His heart broke at the sight of the
      scars on his lover's chest. Hutch slid down the wall
      and clutched his stomach. "He's my father, Starsky,"
      he cried out. He hit the floor with a loud thump and
      buried his head in his hands. "James Gunther is my

      We guarantee a happy ending, but to find out how it
      gets there, get this great zine! A LITTLE BIT OF CYN
      now available at Agent With Style's webpage

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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