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  • Mareen Schmidt
    Hi! Just wanted to say Hi. I became a member last night. ... http://www.fortunecity.de/lindenpark/vogelweide/216/Index.html ... See you all later. Mareen
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 1999

      Just wanted to say Hi. I became a member last night.

      > Name or Alias: Mareen
      > Fav shows: The Pretender, Prey, Buffy, The X-Files, Highlander: The
      > Series (just the Methos episodes *s*)
      > Fav writers of fanfiction: none really.
      > Fav actors and actresses: Mira Sorvino and Kevin Spacey
      > Webpage address: Mareen's Fan Fiction

      > Do you write fanfiction?: Yep.
      > Do you beta-read: No. I'm German, so my english grammar isn't exactly
      > good enough to beta-read. But I can do regarding characterization and
      > plot.
      > The fanfiction you will beta read: I can do everything as long as I do
      > know the show.
      > The ratings of fiction you will beta read: From G to NC-17
      See you all later.
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