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"Buffy" beta-reader needed

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    Hello everyone. I am writing my first Fan-fic story and am looking for someone that would beta-read a Buffy the Vampire Slayer story for me. It is going to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2000
      Hello everyone. I am writing my first Fan-fic story and am looking
      for someone that would beta-read a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" story
      for me. It is going to be about Willow and Spike finding out that
      they knew each other from the past. You can read the first part
      to see if it is the type of story you might be intersted in
      beta-reading for me. You can send your answer to me at:
      Thank you for taking your time in reading this message.

      Title: Someone From The Past (part 1)
      Author: Robyn
      Rating: PG
      Spoilers: Season 4
      Disclaimer: all characters belong to Joss
      Notes: words in < > means someone's thought
      Feedback: Please, this is my first fic and would love to know what
      think of it.

      Part 1
      Spike sat in a chair at the watcher's house. The group was
      there trying to find out how to kill the latest demon in town. Spike
      looked up from his book at the people before him. Xander and Anya
      were on the coach with some of the old demonolgy books. <If they
      were any closer, they'd be on top of each other> Spike thought. Buffy
      was with Riley patroling, which left Willow and Giles. Giles was
      looking in an old book that was about ready to fall apart. Spike then
      moved his eyes on Willow. She was in front of her labtop. She was
      wearing one of her "fuzzy" pink shirts. <Oh bloody hell> Spike
      thought as shifted in his seat. <The only reason I'm here is because
      that stupid slayer threatened to take my blood supply> Spike
      complained to himself for about 20 minutes when Willow stood up from
      her chair. "I've got it!" She cried. The gang stopped what they were
      doing and looked at her. Willow looked around the room and told them
      about what she found. When she was finished Giles took his glasses off
      and got up. "Brilliant Willow, now all we have to do is go and tell
      Buffy. Giles then turned to Xander, "Xander, you and Anya can . . ."
      "Can leave now" Anya replied while getting up. Giles was taken back
      by her remark. "But . . ." Giles mutterd. Anya started to pull Xander
      off the coach. "Anya!" Xander replied. "What have I told you about
      interrupting others when they're talking?" "Well, he said he found
      what he wanted. That means we can go." Anya said which caused
      Xander to reply with "You could have waited till Giles was done
      talking." and the two continued to argue.
      Giles finally got up and said, "I hate to interrupt, but someone
      must go out there and tell Buffy." Anya looked around the room for a
      reason not to get Buffy and just go. She spotted Willow. "How about
      Willow?" Willow looked at Anya and was ready to speak when Anya
      replied, "I mean, she found the info, so she should go." Xander was
      shocked at the remark. "You mean alone? Do you know how many
      nasties would make a Dine-In-Willow if they every got a hold her?"
      Again Anya and Xander started to argue. Giles rubbed his head with
      the back of his hand before putting his glasses back on.
      Spike finally got fed-up. "Bloody hell, I'll do it." He
      yelled. Everyone stopped and looked at him. "Hey, its better then
      watching these two gobble like chickens," he said as he pointed to
      Xander and Anya. Spike walked over to go get his black duster.
      Xander looked at Spike questionly, "Your going to go and tell Buffy?"
      Spike looked back at Xander "Sure, I'll tell the slayer everything
      she needs to know." Spike replied with a cocky grin and his British
      accent. He opened the door and started out. Giles watched Spike
      with doubt that he would tell Buffy the right "everything." He then
      looked to the group of slayeretts. "Someone needs to go with him to
      make sure he really does go to tell Buffy and all." "Okay, lets go"
      Xander said while he was heading for the door. "Why us" Anya said,
      not making an effort to move. "Because if we don't . . ." Xander
      replied and the couple rambled on. Giles roled his eyes and looked
      at the ceiling and then back to the yelling couple. Clearing his
      throat to get the groups attention, he was preparing to speak when
      Willow then stood up with her hands flying to her head. "Fine I'll
      go. I just hope he hasn't gotten that far." She yelled and then ran
      out the door after the blond vampire.
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