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The Beach House(Part 4)

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  • Prozak Gurl
    Title: The Beach House(Part four) Rating: pg13(Language) By: Cheryl Fite Date: 01/30/2000 Description: Scary Charters: Famous people playing teens! *Yay!* ~
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      Title: The Beach House(Part four)
      Rating: pg13(Language)
      By: Cheryl Fite
      Date: 01/30/2000
      Description: Scary
      Charters: Famous people playing teens! *Yay!*

      ~ Current time ~

      He kissed her running his hands over her back then
      under her shirt onto her stomach. She then pulled
      away, "Lets stop, this is wrong." She looked around
      the room breathing deeply, in fear of getting caught
      by someone. "Why? It�s not like anyone will find us."
      Ryan smiled at Jennifer and looked at the piles of
      laundry around them. "And if you lose your shirt
      there�s plenty available." He kissed her again then
      stopped knowing how uncomfortable she was and took her
      by the hand and led her out of he laundry room.
      "So when do I get to meet your friends hon?"
      "Oh, well pretty soon I guess, I think I�m here to
      stay this time." She smiled and held his hand.
      "Well what a coincidence."
      "What do you mean?" she asked.
      "I mean if you�re staying here, than I may as well."
      "Oh Ryan!" she hugged him and kissed his cheek. "I
      love you so much!"
      "I love you too." He hugged her back. "What would you
      think about getting married?"
      "Married?!" she exclaimed. "I�m only 18! Though�" she
      thought about the name Jennifer Phillippe and thought
      it worked good, "�if we do love each other." She
      smiled and hugged him again.
      "Well lets not rush, I mean if you feel you�re to
      "On nonsense you�re 20, that�s pretty young too." She
      "Yeah, so you really wanna do it?" he asked.
      "Yes." She answered.
      "Great!" He hugged her tight and kissed her.

      ~ Later that day ~

      "So Seth," Drew smiled, "how long have you liked me?"
      He scuffled slightly and put an arm around her waist,
      "Ever since I laid my eyes on you."
      She pushed him away and giggled, "Grose, we were like
      five then!"
      He grinned and rolled his eyes holding onto her hand,
      then nodded his head slightly, "True, but still then
      you were cute." He pinched her cheek teasingly.
      "Yup, yup, yup." She said folding her arms and laying
      back in his arms. She looked around Seth�s room. It
      looked different from the last time she was in there.
      The walls were panted blue now, before he had pink
      wallpaper with little flowers, on it from were his
      sister shared his room with him. He lived in a small
      house, with his dad, his mom and sister moved away a
      year before. His mom didn�t say were she was going and
      why, and she just took his sister. By this time Seth
      was glad that his mom didn�t take him with her, she
      obviously didn�t love him, or so he thought. His dad
      was never home, he had two jobs, and they were real
      crappy jobs, with little pay, but some how they
      managed, and Seth was pretty content.
      They laid there staring at the ceiling for about five
      minutes then the door bell rang and Seth jumped up and
      ran to the door, only to see Jennifer and some guy he
      didn�t know standing there.
      "Drew�s mom said she was over here, is she?" Jennifer
      asked quickly.
      "Um yeah, Come on in," he looked at the tall boy with
      dark blond curly hair, the boy didn�t smile. Jennifer
      and the boy stepped in, and she looked at Seth,
      "This is my boyfriend from Boston that I�ve been
      telling everyone about, his name is Ryan." Ryan
      extended his hand to Seth and smiled slightly, "Hello,
      and your name is?"
      "My names Seth." He shook Ryan�s hand then went to go
      get Drew. He came back with her and they were holding
      hands, Drew looked at Jennifer then smiled at Ryan
      already knowing who he was, then hugged him. "Hello,"
      "Hello, you must be Drew." He said in a deep voice.
      "I am," she smiled then looked to Jennifer. "So what�s
      the deal?"
      "Oh umm," Jennifer stuttered a bit a first, "Well, me
      and Ryan are getting married!"
      "You�re kidding!?!?!" Drew squealed and hugged
      Jennifer then Ryan again. "That�s great, I�m so happy
      for you two!" Seth nodded his head in agreement.
      The four stepped outside then started to walk over to
      the nearby park, Drew looked over Seth�s shoulder and
      saw the old homeless man laying on a bench across the
      street, Drew looked away from him and squeezed Seth�s
      hand, he looked at her and smiled slightly.
      "We can�t think of when to have the wedding.."
      Jennifer gossiped with Drew at the park.
      "He wants to have it in September, and he won�t tell
      me why, but he just wants it then, but I want it in
      February, because ya know valentines day and stuff."
      She sighed, "What do you think?"
      Drew stared off into the park, thinking to herself
      about Seth, then the old man wondering what he wanted
      from her. She too sighed deeply, still staring off
      into the park.
      "Drew are you okay?" Jennifer asked her concerned.
      Drew broke out of her daze and glanced at Jennifer,
      "Oh yeah, I�m just fine." She shook her head.
      Jennifer frowned, "Okay."

      ~I wrote this the other day just couln't get this damn
      puter to work, hehe~

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