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Three poems I wrote. (Please comment Paul)

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  • Prozak Gurl
    Someone New I write this poem thinking of you, and all the things we had, I think of all the stupid things we did, that I guess were kind of bad… We really
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      Someone New

      I write this poem thinking of you,
      and all the things we had,
      I think of all the stupid things we did,
      that I guess were kind of bad�

      We really shouldn�t have gone that far,
      we did everything wrong,
      We didn�t really show are love,
      and everything lasted too long,

      I really though I loved you,
      and I though you loved me too,
      But when I heard that you kissed her,
      I knew are love was through,

      Now I realize that I shouldn�t have loved you,
      and that I wasn�t happy,
      I was just covering up my feelings,
      and those letters were really sappy,

      I don�t regret being with you,
      We really had some fun times,
      But now I know with love,
      you have to know were to draw the line,

      Once again I�m happy,
      and I�ve finally found some one,
      He treats me really special,
      and he�s always lots of fun,

      He would never try to hurt me,
      and he doesn�t want to make out,
      He�ll never be anything like you,
      and that I�ll never doubt,

      I might tell him I love him,
      but I don�t want to be too soon,
      I don�t want to screw things up,
      like I did with me and you,

      He really means a lot to me,
      a lot more than you do,
      but the thing that�s got me going,
      is I think he loves me too�
      By:Cheryl Fite

      Someone Old

      Every time I see you with her
      It makes me want to cry
      I don�t know what you see in her
      I feel like I could die,

      I know I�ve finally found someone,
      But I don�t want someone new,
      that�s just not the answer to all of this,
      that�s just not what to do,

      Yeah he treats me special,
      and I guess we have some fun,
      but deep down I really know,
      that he�s truly not the one,

      When I start to think about it,
      I always think it�s you,
      You�re the one I love,
      but sadly it�s all through.
      By: Cheryl Fite


      Someone New
      Someone Old
      It's all the same
      As lovers go

      Someone Happy
      There is no fear
      But in time
      It ends in tears

      He says he loves her
      And she loves him
      They love each other
      Entail the end

      But on day
      It all ends
      He blows her off
      For a friend

      He loves his friend
      Deap and clear
      He holds her close
      He keeps her near

      There boath happy
      With there love
      Till he leaves her
      For Another one

      He can't be happy
      Deap within
      He finds the first one
      In love again

      She doesn't love him
      She loves her new man
      She blows him off
      And holds her mans hand

      Disapointed he realizes
      He was wrong
      He had his first love
      But now she's gone
      By:Cheryl Fite

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