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The Beach House (part 3)

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  • Prozak Gurl
    Title: The Beach House(Part three) Rating: PG13 (language) By: Cheryl Fite Date: 01/30/2000 Description: Scary Charters: Famous people playing teens! *Yay!*
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2000
      Title: The Beach House(Part three)
      Rating: PG13 (language)
      By: Cheryl Fite
      Date: 01/30/2000
      Description: Scary
      Charters: Famous people playing teens! *Yay!*

      "Seth Green?" Freddie look somewhat shocked at the
      news that was just announced to him.
      Him and Drew were sitting on a bench in the park, that
      was close to the neighborhood were they both lived.
      They use to play here when they were younger, but as
      they got older they grew more mature and found it
      easier and better to talk about there problems rather
      than play on the old monkey bars and forget about
      everything. Freddie had a nice family, one little
      sister, a older brother, and both a mom and dad that
      lived with him. Drew on the other had hand only a mom,
      her dad had died when she was younger from a gun shot
      to the head. She also had a sibling. He was two years
      younger than her, and didn�t really talk much, he
      never had the chance to know his dad, and he didn�t
      want to get to know anyone, he just kept to his self,
      much like a lot of the people in her family did now a
      "Yes, aren�t you happy for me? I�ve finally got myself
      a real boyfriend!" Drew asked smiling.
      "Um, yeah of course I �m happy for you." He hugged her
      tight. "I really hope it works out."
      "I never said it wouldn�t work." She said looking at
      "Right� anyway, so what are you doing this weekend?"
      he said pulling a piece of paper from his pocket and
      handing it to her. She read it over then gave him a
      weird look.
      "You want me to go to a The Offspring concert? You�re
      "No I�m not kidding, it would be fun come on." He
      elbowed her slightly.
      "That�s okay I was planing on hanging out with Seth
      anyway." Drew said shrugging her shoulders.
      "Yeah, well bye Drew." Freddie got up and walked away.
      Drew watched Freddie walk away confused about what he
      was so upset about. Why wasn�t he happy for her? She
      got up and started to walk down the street realizing
      that she was the only person around she shivered. She
      looked at the trashed apartments with graphite all
      over them. She sighed wishing Freddie had stayed and
      walked her home not liking to walk down the alleys
      alone. She heard quit footsteps behind her, thinking
      nothing of it she kept walking, she felt someone�s
      hand on her back and she jumped then screamed turning
      around coming face to face with this dirty old man. He
      was a homeless man, his clothing was ripped and
      covered in dirt, his shoes had holes in them, and his
      face was dirty and it looked as if he hadn�t shaved
      for a long time. One hand he had his hat in and the
      other her had a wrench in, he grabbed Drew by the arm
      and started to yell nonsense then swung his wrench at
      her but missed her as she ducked. She managed to pull
      away from him and ran home crying.
      She ran up the steps to her house and stepped inside
      and announced to her mother that she was home then ran
      up to her room picking up the phone.
      "Hey, Jennifer?"
      "Oh hey Drew, what�s up?" said a girl in a nice
      cheerful voice.
      "Uhg, I�ve had a very interesting day." She said as
      she kicked off her shoes.
      "Yeah? What happened girl?" asked Jennifer.
      "Well okay After school, Seth asked me out!"
      "Seth Green?"
      "Yeah." She said enthusiastically.
      "So what happened?"
      "I said Yes, of course, this is so great!"
      "Why?" Jennifer asked.
      "Because, I have a real boy friend. Aren�t you happy
      for me?"
      "Yes of course."
      In the background Drew could hear Jennifer being
      yelled to, "Jennifer Love Hewitt, get of the phone and
      come help me please!" Jennifer sighed deeply.
      "I have to go my mom needs my help, I see you Monday
      at school okay?"
      "Right." Drew answered, then hung up the phone and
      laid back on her bed.
      Jennifer was the new girl in school. She�d been in
      five different schools in the past two years. She was
      a Army brat. This was her fourth week in LA high, but
      she made friends quickly, and Drew had though that she
      liked Freddie for a while, but they tended to fight a
      lot so she figured her statements were false. Jennifer
      was about the same height as Drew, but that was just
      about the only way they were similar. Jennifer had
      long brown hair and she was a bit shy, but when she
      got to know someone she really would talk non-stop.
      She was also very pretty and a lot of the boys liked
      her but they wouldn�t talk to her in fear of
      rejection, and she didn�t mind because she clamed she
      had a boyfriend back in Boston were she use to live,
      but not may believed her. Drew didn�t mind though, she
      was a fun person to talk to and hang out with. Drew�s
      mom loved that Jennifer had came into Drew�s live just
      because she thought that she was changing Drew. But of
      course like most teenagers, Drew disagreed. She hated
      her mom being right. She loved her mom, but no one
      likes being wrong over stupid stuff.

      Five years before,
      "What are we doing here?" Kate asked.
      "I was hoping we�d be able to get some time alone and
      talk ya know?"
      "Yes, I understand." She smiled. "I love you."
      "And I love you my precious Kate."
      They kissed then laid down on the couch and made love.
      -Hour Later-
      "Kate we must go."
      "Okay." She answered getting up and redressing
      herself. "I have to go to the bathroom I�ll be right
      back okay?" she smiled at him then ran off to the
      bathroom and shut the door behind her.
      She looked in the mirror and primped for a second then
      heard a sound come from the shower. "Oh what are you
      doing in there Love? You�re so silly sometimes." She
      swung open then shower curtains only to find herself
      face to face with her death. The knife came down and
      cut her cheek, she screamed loudly and started to run
      but something grabbed her feet and she was knocked to
      the floor, and stabbed five times in the chest.
      "Kate? Darling?" He ran to the bathroom only to find
      Kate dead on the floor, he bent down over her then
      felt a cold hand on his neck.
      "Tell anyone about this and I�ll make them think you
      did it." Spoke the killer.
      "But I didn�t do it." He spoke with fear in his
      "I�m not the one who just has sex with her was I?" the
      killers voice was low and was muffled.
      "No one will know." it spoke again.
      "Okay, no one will know you did it." He bent down and
      kissed his beloved Kate then ran away from the beach
      house, hoping never to hear that voice again.

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