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The Beach House(Part 2)

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  • Prozak Gurl
    Title: The Beach House(Part two) Rating: PG13 (language) By: Cheryl Fite Date: 01/30/2000 Description: Scarey Charters: Famous people playing teens! *Yay!*
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      Title: The Beach House(Part two)
      Rating: PG13 (language)
      By: Cheryl Fite
      Date: 01/30/2000
      Description: Scarey
      Charters: Famous people playing teens! *Yay!*

      "Drew, come present your poem please, we only have a
      few minutes left in class, so don�t take to long."
      Mrs. Lagason taped her foot knowing how Drew stalled
      once she got in front of the class.
      "Um, yeah, okay�" Drew hated language arts most out of
      all of her classes, but she was a really good poet.
      She was always writing poems to Freddie when she did
      something wrong, or was just being a bitch, and of
      course after he read them he couldn�t help but forgive
      "My pathetic life,
      not so real,
      My pathetic life,
      not a big deal.

      Who am I in this life of shame,
      Who am I in this deadly game?

      My pathetic life,
      it runs so far,
      My pathetic life,
      lives in a bar

      Why do I run so far away,
      Why do I cry to this day?

      My pathetic life,
      so very lame,
      My pathetic life,
      treated as a game

      How come I see it all so wrong,
      How come I know I don�t belong?"

      Everyone clapped there hands as Drew sat down in her
      "How�d you like that one Freddie?" She whispered to
      him in the next seat.
      "It was good, kind of depressing, but really good."
      "Thanks." She said sarcastically, then turned back
      toward the front of the room only to find Mrs.
      Lagason, with her hands on her hips and slightly
      tapping her foot,
      "Is there something you two would like to share?" she
      clears her throat as Freddie sinks down in his seat.
      "Well, yes� first of all your dress is so out of style
      it�s not funny, I mean no one wears bright yellow
      flowers any more," Drew stands up smiling as she walks
      over to her teacher then whispers kind of loudly,
      "�and there�s a little something in your teeth."
      The whole class burst into tears while watching the
      teacher rush to her desk like a commit to earth, then
      check her teeth in a small compact.
      "Drew please take a seat, and hush up."
      "Well you just had to ask me to hush."
      The bell rings.
      "Read page 45-51 in your Literature books�" the
      teachers voice echoed as the students rushed out of
      the room quickly still in commotion over the teachers
      fashion sense.
      "Drew why do you act like that? Can�t you be the
      slightest nice to anyone?" Freddie asked her.
      "Well of course I can be nice, I just don�t want to
      be, I mean she looked like a flower printed bumble
      "So, still you have no right to judge people."
      "Well plenty of people judge me, so I don�t see how it
      really matters." She said with a shrug then stopped at
      her locker. Freddie too stopped at his locker but just
      tossed his books in quickly, "I have to go to football
      practice, I�ll see you later okay gurly-girl," he said
      then ruffled a hand over her head knowing she would
      hate him for it then ran off. Drew looked around the
      halls then jumped at the sight of Seth running up to
      her. "Hey Drew!"
      "Hey Seth." She said in a somewhat cheery way.
      "That was a good poem ya know, should publish it or
      "You think? Freddie said it was depressing."
      "That�s a shame, I thought it was good." He said with
      a smile.
      "Well thanks. Hey Seth, could you give me a ride home?
      Freddie has football practice, and you�re my next door
      neighbor�" she said putting her books into her bag.
      "Yeah fine with me," he said "but I have to stop a few
      places do you mind?"
      "Nah, it�s fine with me."
      "Great, road trip with my main dawlg."
      She hesitated listing to Seth�s slang as he talked.
      Seth wasn�t anything like Freddie, he was more punk,
      and he thought he was some type of pimp. But everyone
      tended to love him, he did have a great personality,
      and he could make anyone laugh, but there was
      something about him, maybe it was the fact that he
      died his hair every other week just to impress the
      girls, or maybe it was how he was about an inch tall,
      but Drew had this huge crush on him, and she figured
      he knew, seeing how they�ve been friends ever since
      they were five about. They knew each other pretty
      well, and it wasn�t hard to tell, even Freddie knew.
      "So were do we have to stop?" Drew asked as she opened
      the door to the black truck.
      "Oh I have to stop by the super market and pick up a
      few small things, and I have to pick up some stuff I
      left at the Crimson Beach House." He said starting the
      car and pulling out of the space.
      "Why the Beach house? That place is so nasty."
      "Yeah, well I practice with my band there, no one
      complains so it�s the perfect place."
      "Oh." She said kind of going off into a daze as she
      opens the window sticking her hand out in the warm
      air. Los Angeles California, was a great place, and
      always warm, but the air was a bit moggy. Of course if
      you were born there like Drew, you wouldn�t know any
      better, and wouldn�t think anything of it, on the
      other hand Seth came from Ontario Canada were the air
      was clean and there was always snow, so he was never
      really happy in LA.
      "I�ll be right back." He ran into the market leaving
      his truck runny so Drew could listen to the radio, she
      toyed with the channels then sat back in her seat not
      finding anything worth listing to. She sighed loudly
      looking at the cars passing by on the highway,
      counting all the convertibles that went bye, she had
      17 by the time Seth got back.
      "Jeez Mr. Green," She said somewhat irritated, "what
      took you so long?"
      "I�m really sorry Drew, I had to pick up a few more
      things than I thought�"
      "I see." She looked down at the small paper bag in his
      hand and raised an eye brow but kept her mouth shut
      not wanting to lose her ride home, she smiled.
      "Hey Drew, you know I�ve been thinking, I really kind
      of like you, and I thought that you liked me so I was
      wondering if you�d like to be my girl." He said as he
      got in the truck. He looked at her and smiled slightly
      then looked into her eyes.
      "Um� Gosh, I don�t know Seth, I mean, you know how I
      am." She said hesitantly.
      He placed his hands on the steering wheel, "Well I was
      kind of hoping we could work around that."
      "Were in different social groups."
      "Does that really matter? I mean I�ll bug off if you
      have something going with Freddie or something, but I
      was just thinking ya know... we could work" he pointed
      a finger at her then at his self and smiled. "I know
      you want me."
      She cracked up laughing shaking her head, "You can
      make any situation funny can�t you?"
      "Well yes, yes I�m cool." He grinned, then pulled out
      of the parking lot and made his way to the beach
      "So what do ya think?" he said once he got to a stop

      I'll send in part three once I get it written

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