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Another Introduction

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  • Kirk Koll
    Hello all. I ve just joined the list, and am happy to be contributing to the world of fanfic :) Here s my info, for whatever it s worth: Name or Alias: Kirk
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2003
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      Hello all. I've just joined the list, and am happy to be contributing to
      the world of fanfic :) Here's my info, for whatever it's worth:

      Name or Alias: Kirk Koll

      Fav shows/movies: Star Trek! (See my preferences on Beta Reading, though...)

      Fav writers of fanfiction: Jenn, Minotaur

      Fav actors and actresses: Russell Crowe, Dean Cain, Colin Farrell, Patrick
      Stewart, Tom Welling, Jennifer Aniston (*gasp* I know!), Gwyneth Paltrow,
      Cate Blanchett, Kevin Spacey

      Do you write fanfiction?: Starting to.

      Do you beta-read: Yes

      Education: Currently in the final year of completing my Bachelor's Degree
      w/an English Lit. major.

      Other Qualifications: Been in text-based online RPGs for 10+ years now.
      (Yes, I started way back in AOL 1.0 days!)

      Preference on Beta Reading:
      - Star Trek: What I'll be best at.
      - Superman: I'm a huge fan. I haven't seen much of Smallville, but I've
      read plenty of the slash. I will be more than happy to research the canon
      if necessary for other parts of the mythos.
      - Gladiator: This slash doesn't seem too popular lately, but I'll read it
      with gusto.
      - X-Men: Movieverse preferred, though I can beta comicverse stuff for
      stylistic elements.
      - Star Wars: Can do!

      G through NC-17 is fine for any of these genres, but please: male slash
      only. :)

      Content editing (pacing, flow, plot, dialogue, characterisation) is
      probably what I'd consider my "specialty."

      If you would like me to Beta Read, please know the following:
      1. I'm a busy guy. Send me your stuff, and I'll read and critique if I
      can. If I can't, I'll get back to you ASAP with a message that I'm
      2. I will follow the guidelines of good critiquing, mostly summed up here:
      http://www.loony-archivist.com/svffr/crit.htm . You must understand how to
      accept constructive criticism, though.
      3. Don't be afraid to put your stuff out there! Practice makes perfect, as
      they say, and you'll never become a better writer unless you let your
      brain-children out to play in the sun.

      My pleasure to be a part of the group. Hope to see some good fic soon!

      Kirk S. Koll
      "Examine what is said,
      not him who speaks."
      -- Arab Proverb
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