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The Beach House (Part 1)

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  • Prozak Gurl
    Title: The Beach House(Part one) Rating: PG13 (language) By: Cheryl Fite Date: 01/30/2000 Description: Scary Charters: Famous people playing teens! *Yay!*
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      Title: The Beach House(Part one)
      Rating: PG13 (language)
      By: Cheryl Fite
      Date: 01/30/2000
      Description: Scary
      Charters: Famous people playing teens! *Yay!*

      Silence echoes through the house.
      "Freddie were are you?"
      Fear entered her voice as she walked down the dark
      hallway, her high heels tapping loudly on the hard
      wood floor.
      "Come on Freddie I need to get home this isn�t funny
      any more� I give up!"
      Tears run down her face as she enters the cold dusty
      living room in the old abandon house. She looks around
      hearing a creek in the floor behind her as the door
      slams shut behind her.
      "Is that you Freddie?"
      she asks quietly as tears still stream down her face.
      Silence. She feels a slight breeze run past her cheek
      as she freezes in her steps. She runs across the room
      quickly her heels still tapping loudly, as she hears a
      deep loud breath behind her. She hides in the corner
      hoping she won�t be spotted in the dark, she crouches
      down to the floor trying to keep as quiet as possible.
      A hand grabs her quickly flinging her across the room
      onto the couch. She screams loudly, hoping someone
      will hear her and quickly be to her rescue but a cold
      hand clamps over her mouth and hushes her quickly�
      "What the fuck are you doing Drew? You wanna make
      people think someone�s getting killed here again?"
      "Freddie!" she smacks him across the face,
      "I thought you were someone else."
      "I see, so you come here with other boys too? Is there
      something I should know?" he chuckles slightly.
      Drew hugs him wrapping her arms around him pressing
      her lips against his, then pulls back slightly "You
      know me�" she giggles then kisses him again.

      ~Five Years Earlier~
      "Last night a Local girl was raped then stabbed
      violently in the Old Crimson Beach House, no one has
      been accused yet, but many people are being questioned
      by the police. If you have any information please call
      us at 555-0707." The TV�s words echoed through the
      house like bats in a cave. Jean burst into tears "My
      baby� how could this happen, she was such a good
      girl!" Tim stroked her hair softly mourning inside
      over his daughters tragic death, thinking to his self
      the same thing his wife had just said. How could this
      happen? Kate was a popular girl, she went to church,
      everyone liked her, she dressed well and didn�t show
      off her body like most pretty girls. What happened?
      Still baffled over who would want to kill Kate, Tim
      kissed Jeans forehead and hugged her tightly, "It�s
      okay honey, we�ll find out who did this." His voice
      trailed off as he started to think again.

      ~The beginning again~
      Drew was a pretty girl, she had blond, curly hair that
      ran down to the middle part of her back, but she
      always wore it in a messy type bun. She was also quite
      popular, more with boys than girls. Girls despised
      everything about her, long blond hair, her pretty
      face, her milky soft skin, her full figured body, and
      how she did everything perfect. On the other hand guys
      loved her, she was what the high school girls called
      "Easy" or just tramp. And she was, she would sleep
      with any guy that seemed the slightest hot, or on top
      of that just any guy. If they were desperate they knew
      were to go� if they just wanted some they new were to
      go� Drew. Of course she didn�t see herself as a tramp,
      she thought she was just a little misunderstood. She
      did this stuff to have fun, she didn�t want to live
      her whole teenage life as a little nerd.
      "Drew, baby, honey�" David ran up to her, "I have two
      tickets for the Jazz game tonight, want to go with me?
      Then you know if we ever get board I do have a pretty
      big van!" he winks then makes a clicking sound as if
      he were getting a dog to come to him.
      "Let me think about this� You, David Arquette, the
      biggest dork in school, wants me Drew Barrymore the
      most popular girl in town, to go to a stupid little
      basket ball game with you, and then expect me to do
      you in your van? I think not."
      "Well if you�re gonna be a snob about it I�ll take
      someone else."
      "Good luck David." She roles her eyes and flips her
      hair slightly looking back only to see Freddie[prinze,
      jr.] running up behind her.
      "Hey Drew, what were you doing talking to Dave over
      there?" he asks pointing his thumb David�s way.
      "Oh, he was just trying to ask me out on a date, he�s
      such a fag�" starts to walk with Freddie to Geometry
      class, "you know I wouldn�t be surprised if he were
      the one that killed Kate Winslet" she smirks slightly
      glancing at Freddie.
      "Aww, Drew, don�t be such a bitch, at least he tries
      to score some points unlike those gothic fags."
      "Now you�re the one being a bitch�"
      Freddie and Drew were best friends, and occasionally
      they made out once in a while, but it was just petty
      stuff because they knew that if they would go out it
      would never work and they would ruin there whole
      relationship, and neither of them wanted that, so they
      just had there fun every now and them, but it was just
      stuff like kissing, nothing nasty, they didn�t want to
      get weird either. Freddie was a Jock, and probably
      the most popular boy in school, he had short brown
      hair, brown eyes and those cute dimples every time he
      would smile, he was also well built(head of the
      football teem), and was taller than most seniors in
      high school. A lot of girls gawked over him, but none
      ever got him, unlike Drew he was sensible, and didn�t
      like the idea of going from one girl to another, he
      wanted to be happy with one girl, but he could never
      find the right one for him. He was pretty content
      about how things were going though so he didn�t waste
      his time and thoughts on who he was going to the prom
      with, or who would be his date to certain events, and
      even if he would forget sometimes he always knew Drew
      was there to be a back up resort.
      "�so then he slipped me the tongue! Can you believe
      that?! Hey Freddie? Are you listing to me?" Drew
      flicked his ear trying to catch him away from whatever
      was dazing him.
      "Hey what the� What? I was listing!"
      "Sure� what did I say?"
      "Um�. You got your tongue pierced?"
      "You are so dazed sometimes."
      "I�m sorry, I�ve just been kind of out of it lately I
      guess, I�m just a little tired."
      "Right�" her voice trailed off as she went into the
      class room.

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