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  • dragonfyreg13
    Why hello there. I am (obviously) a new member and am very happy to be one! This is a very good idea, bringing writers and betas to one place, positively
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2003
      Why hello there. I am (obviously) a new member and am very happy to
      be one! This is a very good idea, bringing writers and betas to one
      place, positively brilliant...

      Well, erm, this is my first time even CONSIDERING a beta (not because
      I was confident but because I was scared witless and admittedly...I
      still am.) And I just hope that this experience will go well.

      I am writing a Final Fantasy VII fic entitled "My Shadow" It will
      eventually become a romance, but at the moment its more action
      and "profiling" I guess you could call it. Profile of whom?
      Why...the only one (besides Red XIII) WORTH going through all that
      elaboration...Yuffie!! I found her story the least satisfying
      because it was so straightforward!! It seemed unrealistic to me,
      even with Yuffie's personality, that she would join Clouds group and
      do the things she did, wellÂ…just because they had alot of
      materia. I
      mean she stole materia from a rebel group who's mission, by the way,
      was to stop SHINRA for good, JUST so that she could take the materia
      back to Wutai for plans of a rebellion against SHINRA. Does this
      really make much sense? Not without some more detail it doesn't,
      which is exactly what I plan on giving in my fic.

      As for the romance, the pairing is Yuffie/Vincent...Now this won't be
      sappy, gushy, or simple. And they won't fall in love in just three
      chapters of knowing each other like I've seen in so many other
      Yuffentine fics out there. I want it to blossom gradually. But most
      of all what I want it to do is MAKE SENSE!

      I've already written 4 complete chapters to my story (I didn't have
      the courage to seek any help til now...) and am hoping someone will
      look over my chapters. I, of course, will re-edit them and re-post
      them onto FanFiction.Net (which is where my story can be found by the
      way) and will listen to all advice given to me.

      I have a broken finger at the moment and it will take sometime to
      heal, so no worries on me going ahead and leaving a bunch of stuff to
      read over or anything. I'm still writing, but at a much, much, MUCH
      slower pace, especially with school starting again. So I'd imagine
      you'd be able to 'catch up' with me since even after my finger heals
      I'll have to go through therapy to regain use of my right hand.
      (and, just for the record, I'm actually right handed...ironic

      My storyline runs parallel with Squaresoft's and continues past the
      game's end. Everything begins right in the transition between Fort
      Condor and Junon, only the character I focus on is Yuffie and she
      doesn't join AVALANCHE until Rocket Town, which means the readers
      won't be bored with the same old stuff seeing as how I'll have to
      come up with things myself and fill in the rather large blanks. I
      still write what's going on with Cloud and the others but I
      none of the readers are really in the mood for going through the
      entire storyline again, so while I'll incorporate, I won't
      elaborate...get it?

      My story IS rated R but it is NOT going to have anything lemon-y.
      Personally I believe if I were to ever write a lemon I'd need *ahem*
      experience, and I don't plan on gaining any soon seeing as how I'm
      only in the 9th grade. While I AM 14 (I hope I don't sound big-
      headed when I say this) I have a very large vocabulary, I've been
      writing since I was in 3rd grade, and (according to others) am very
      mature and advanced (not academically but...emotionally and in
      comprehension of things and serious matters)

      I have been feeling nothing but frustration recently, having no one
      to guide me really in my writing whether original or fanfiction. I
      couldn't turn to anyone in my family since they couldn't tell me
      anything I didn't already know, I couldn't turn to my English
      teachers since they were always too busy with schoolwork to bother
      with anything else, and I could not turn to my friends since I
      was 'ahead' of them all. I want to advance. Badly. My thoughts and
      story-ideas have outgrown my abilities and I find it frustrating to
      the point of insanity.

      Hopefully someone can help me before I go crazy, deleting every story
      I've ever written, dumping all my journals into the trash, lighting
      the whole thing with a match, and laughing insanely whilst I do so.

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