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Re: [Beta_Unlimited] nother hp beta needed

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  • Capitalist Vixen
    elo !!!!! :: waves enthusiastically:: I ve just started a Draco centered hp fic that i ll feel self-conscious about if i don t have a beta reader before i post
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2003
      elo'!!!!! :: waves enthusiastically:: I've just started a Draco centered hp
      fic that i'll feel self-conscious about if i don't have a beta reader before
      i post my fist chappter. i'm very self-aware of my atrocious spelling and
      grammatical abilities. And as a fair warning, the Draco and other characters
      i use in my story will most probably be very ooc. if your up to it please
      email me at capitalist_vixen@...

      This an excerpt of just how ooc the story is (conversation between Draco and
      Voldemort, Draco is trying to get to his room)

      �Shit.� The curse came unbidden to his lips and left before he could stop
      himself. There standing in front of his destination was the tall, evil,
      ominous figure of the dark lord.

      Did that bastard actually sneer at him??

      �Do you so honestly enjoy making a mockery of yourself?�

      �It�s a favorite pastime.�

      �Your father will return within the week.�


      �He is not beyond throwing you in the dudgeons, I, on the other hand, would
      rather not waste the breath.�

      �To late.�

      And there he went, probably to find somewhere else to sulk and look

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