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Re: [Beta_Unlimited] Books?

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  • Sstitches69@aol.com
    ... everyone, ... of ... There ... No kidding! My problem is that I ve written a little heterosexual ficlet, and people on the slash lists I m on are often
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      > No Harry Potter? But how can you live? I dunno...I know it's not for
      > but I'm afraid to say that my friends got me inseperably hooked...I'm part
      > about seven yahoo groups for it and read fanfiction for it non stop...lol.
      > are some pretty good stories out there!
      No kidding! My problem is that I've written a little heterosexual ficlet, and
      people on the slash lists I'm on are often ironically prejudiced against het
      fic. So I'm looking for someone to beta an eight page all-dialogue Ginny/Dean.
      It's for the Clichéd Fuh-Q Fest, where they give you a clichéd scenario and
      you turn it into an interesting fic.

      > But anyways, I read a lot and will beta just about any book--especially His
      > Dark Materials, the Tortal-set books by Tamora Pierce, Icewind Dale and Dark
      > Elf trilogies by RA. Salvatore, many of the Dean Koontz novels...and I'm
      too lazy
      > to think of the rest. So ask and I'm here for you like Carper--especially
      > stories. But hey, I'm assuming that if you need a Beta, then you write and
      > probably read a lot...but that's just my biast view of the world.
      Sabriel? Twisted Abhorsen/HP crossovers?

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