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Beta Reader needed for Harry Potter Fic

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  • stainedtwilight
    Hey, I m looking for a beta who s also willing to be my sounding board and someone who will help with the plot. Who s good with grammer, conversations, and not
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2003
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      Hey, I'm looking for a beta who's also willing to be my sounding
      board and someone who will help with the plot. Who's good with
      grammer, conversations, and not afraid to say what they think, if my
      writing is crap, if it needs to be re-rewritten, etc.
      Also, you need to be willing to beta NC-17 fetish sex, and know some
      or alot about the workings of BDSM. You need to have either MSN
      messenger or AIM.
      I'm a slow writer and I only have 1 chapter finished, so it gives you
      as long as you want to actually beta, no rush or anything. If you're
      willing to beta the below fic reach me off list; e-mail me at
      bloodink@..., or add me to your msn messenger, bloodink, or
      add me to your aim, jacktheripper495. I'm online all day, PST.

      Name: JacktheRiPper
      Email address: bloodink@...
      Title: Nostrum
      Rating: NC-17
      Summary: Ginny remembers what Tom taught her to be, to feel, to
      enjoy, she's found someone who can give her what she needs. She's all
      grown up, and now she... knows better? BDSM, consensual,
      Teacher/Student relationship.
      Categories: Drama/Angst, Romance, Alternate Universe (AU), Darkfic
      Pairings: Ginny/Severus
      Authors Notes: I usually write, Ginny/Draco, or Ginny/Tom, this is
      really the first time I've explored Ginny/Sev so thoroughly, as well
      as writing a fic of this size, all my other fics are around 1000
      words and thats it, I'm hoping that this one will make it past 10 000
      words, and still have a good plot that doesn't go off course.

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