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95Re: Welcome to Beta_Unlimited

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  • SkyeDeTrance@xxx.xxx
    Dec 29, 1999
      Hello Everyone! Here's my intro:
      Alias: Skye
      Favorite Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Roswell, The Pretender
      Favorite writers of fanfiction: Anya (Buffy), Danielle (The Pretender), and
      Apollo's Girl (The Pretender)
      Favorite Actresses and Actors: Sarah Michelle Geller, Alyson Hannigan,
      Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker, and David Boreanaz
      Webaddress: none
      Do I write fanfiction?: no, not yet anyway
      Do I beta-read?: I hope to soon
      The fanfic I'll beta read: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Pretender, and
      The ratings of fiction I will beta read: From G to PG-13
      NOTE: I am only 13 but I have an IQ of 130+ so I'd still be a great beta
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