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8679Fan-Q eligible zines from Agent With Style

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  • Agent With Style
    Mar 31, 2012

      Here are all the zines published by Agent With Style in 2011.   (And all of these zines are still available at www.agentwithstyle.com.)

      Even if you don't nominate our zines, please do nominate *someone*.  Keep these awards alive! 
      Editor's name and address:

      Agent With Style
      Mysti Frank
      9821 Hawkins Creamery Rd.
      Damascus, MD  20872-2339

      Editor's email address:   zines@...

      Publisher's name and address:  same as editor
      Publisher's email address:  same as editor

      The zines are listed in this format:
      Title – fandom – gen or slash – novel or anthology

      THE END OF ENTROPY TRILOGY — Blake's 7 — gen — novel

      SOMETHING OF THE HAPPINESS YOU BRING — Boston Legal/Dark Shadows — slash — novel

      SOUL DEEP — NCIS — slash — novel

      ROAD TRIP WITH MY BROTHER 10 — Supernatural — gen — anthology

      OUR SOLEMN HOUR — Criminal Minds/The Mentalist/White Collar — gen — novel

      THE MOVEMENT — Planet of the Apes/Real Ghostbusters — gen — novel

      THE MEMORY ORB — The Sentinel/Stargate SG-1/Shadow Chasers — gen — novel

      GENERAL JACK: THE GUY IN CHARGE — Stargate SG-1 — gen — novel

      THE SONG-EATER — Real Ghostbusters — gen — novel

      THE SHATTERING — Lord of the Rings/Star Trek Reboot — gen — novel

      A PLACE TO HEAL — Stargate SG-1 — gen — novel

      PILGRIMAGE — Stargate SG-1 — gen — novel

      JACK'S SON 9 — Stargate SG-1 — gen — novel

      MINDGAMES — Star Trek (TOS) — slash — anthology

      (And all of these zines are still available at www.agentwithstyle.com.)