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813Re: Welcome to Beta_Unlimited

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  • missdenneaux <miss_denneaux@hotmail.com>
    Jan 2, 2003
      Well I had thought of avioding this, but since reading Jamemosalos
      one I realised that wouldn't be fair!
      > Name or Alias: Nicola
      > Fav shows: The Pretender,Labyrinth (It's my favourite movie so it
      deserves a say, and Jamemosalo got to put it down) Dark Angel,CSI,
      The Sopranos, A vast array of sitcoms which I'm sure don't get
      written about here, and numerous NZ programmes that nobody would of
      heard of.
      > Fav writers of fanfiction: We would be here all day if you got me
      started on that one. I'll read anything with a good storyline
      > Fav actors and actresses: Andrea Parker and the cast of The
      Pretender, Caroline Quenton, Dawn French,Oliver Driver, Joanna
      Lumley, The guys of
      'The Panel" etc etc
      > Webpage address: Nil
      >Do you write fanfiction?: Nothing I've had the guts to put online.
      Lots of Ideas though
      >Do you beta-read: I'd like to give it a try
      >The fanfiction you will beta read: The stuff on my favourite shows
      list I guess preferably The Pretender because thats the one I know
      the most about
      >The ratings of fiction you will beta read: Any, but if you send me
      some vulgar NC-17 (or whatever the rating is) it may come back a PG
      > Credentials: Not many (Im only seventeen and have just in the
      school holidays that follow sixth form). I have school certificate
      (seventy something percent in English, Science, Math, Economics and
      Agriculture, Im sure that will come in handy!!) And Sixth form
      certificate (too much to write and more than you want to know) I was
      third in my school for English and would like to Beta read to touch
      up my skills cause all we get to work with is shakespeare *yawn*
      So there you go my credentials are that I can read and write, cudos
      for me!!!
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