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751Beta needed for prologue to growing story.

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  • Lucinda Collins
    Nov 2, 2002
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      Me again:) I have a very much longer than last time piece of, well,
      I don't know what really.

      It's not quite original fic, not quite anything else. What I do know
      is it isn't neccessary to have read, watched, understood anything to
      Beta it:)

      It just violates copyright right left and center. A VDFFNS (very
      derivative fic from numerous sources) I think I've stolen ideas from
      most every writer on this planet, but the thing isn't based on ay
      particualr one writers work.

      Kiddies rating, no sex blood or rock and roll here I'm afraid.

      I need some heavy duty grammar on it mainly; paragraphs are a big

      It's the prologue to what I hope will be a story. I need someone who
      would be willing to chop around with the writing itself. In places I
      had trouble making the thing scan right.

      I have only this part complete as of yet, but I'd like someone who
      would be willing to read some more of it, should I get around to
      finsihing. If you are interested, get in touch! *gets down on her
      knees and pleads*

      Thanks, Lucia.