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70Re:Welcome to Beta_Unlimited@onelist.com

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  • Tairis Anders
    Sep 17, 1999
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      >Name or Alias: Tairis Anders
      >Fav shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star trek Battlestar Galactica >
      >Fav writers of fanfiction: Spikegrl, Mellissa Rae among loads more>
      >Fav actors and actresses: Michelle Pfifer Brad Pitt Jack Nicolson
      >Webpage address: www.geocities.com\SoHo\
      >Do you write fanfiction?: Yes
      >Do you beta-read: Yes
      >The fanfiction you will beta read: Anything from a committed and serious writer>
      >The ratings of fiction you will beta read: Anything not gross

      Sign-up for free Buffy the Vampire Slayer e-mail at
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