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679Doctor Who-Need a Beta

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  • tardislady
    Sep 1, 2002
      Hullo, all,

      I'm looking for a beta for some Doctor Who fiction. I'm starting on
      what's shaping up to be a long-term project (read: 20,-30,000
      words, perhaps more), and it's for this that I'm chiefly concerned.
      This particular project (which will feature Doc 5, Tegan, and
      Turlough) is just starting, but I thought I should start a search
      early. I also do crank out smaller pieces--especially
      characterization studies--for which I wouldn't mind getting some
      criticism prior to posting on the FFN.

      The sort of beta I'm hoping to encounter would be
      knowledgeable with Doctors 3-5 and merciless
      stylistically/technically--my feelings are *not* easily bruised. For
      this particular large project I'll especially need a guinnea pig who
      can tell me if the more scientific aspects of the science-fiction
      plot are comprehensible, readable, snoozable, whatever.

      In return, I'm willing to read... well, just about anything having to
      do with Doctor Who, Babylon 5, or Star Trek: TOS: and I have to
      admit, I'm a much better critic than I am a creator!

      So, anybody willing to look at my stuff as I start churning it out?

      Hopeful as a puppy dog,

      Alice I.W.
      It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.