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674non-fanfic writing/my beta info

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  • Libby
    Aug 29, 2002
      Hi,I just started taking a class in magazine article
      writing and I'd like to know if anyone out there in
      betaland would be willing to read for me. I know it's
      not fanfic but hopefully it will be interesting.Also I
      thought I'd put my info out there as well:I am Libby
      Rojas, I am a 34 year old Tejana/Army Brat. I have a
      BS in Mass Comm (filmmaking) a MA in Humanities (media
      criticism) and am working on a MA in Journalism. I
      don't write fanfic but I love to read it. I'm a big
      fan of BTVS. Here's my description from the writers
      guild: Preferences:Well written stories with valid
      characterizations. More Giles and Anya (together or
      not). I like Spike. Good smut is always entertaining.
      Minor characters can be interesting (Jonathan,
      Harmony). Humor is good. Consensual slash is fine by
      me. I am a perpetual student and freelance journalist,
      so my editing skills are pretty good. I also love to
      read! Humorous mysteries with some smutty romance are
      my ideal. Dislikes: Rape, canon character death,
      character bashing or poor characterization (Anya,
      Giles, and Xander are more than just horny, stuffy,
      and goofy), songfic, Buffy/Angel, sap (yes, I know
      Spike loves Buffy, but don't get silly -- he's a bad
      rude man). Slash is fine, but unless it's Spike/Angel
      or Willow/Tara, there should be a leadup. Good luck
      and send me stories!

      "Where are we going and what's this handbasket?"
      -crazyevildru's sister

      Sew, old woman, sew! Like the wind!
      -Ned Nederlander: Three Amigos

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