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645Willing to beta Buffy fic

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  • amberflower426
    Aug 1 1:10 PM
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      I would be glad to beta some Buffy fic for you. Here's what you need
      to know . . .

      Name: Amberina
      E-Mail: amberflower426@...

      Ratings: G-R (no PWP)
      Preferences: No Buffy/Angel, or Riley, or Giles w/ Buffy, Willow,
      Xander or Dawn. No erotic rape. Besides that I'm cool with everything.
      I'm very slash-friendly, though I probobly couldn't help you with more
      than spelling and grammar on male-slash. I love the characters of
      Tara, Dawn, Faith, Anya and Spike. I can't really help with "Angel"
      fic, as I don't watch that show as much as I should.
      Fave 'Ships: Willow/Tara, Buffy/Spike, Tara/Dawn, Faith/Dawn,
      Xander/Anya, Giles/Anya. I think Angel/Doyle would be cute - talk
      about subtext!