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643req a beta reader HL/Stargte SG-1 crossover

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  • karrenia_rune
    Jul 30, 2002
      Hello all: I would actually like someone to go over a previous
      story that I wrote a good while ago, entitled "Echoes."
      It's the first time I've written a story using the two characters
      direct point of view. In this case, my OC Jeri Mckenna and Daniel
      Jackson from Stargate. I normally write using third person, so this
      was something of a departure for me. Basically I want to give the
      story a complete overhaul, for things like flow, being too comma
      happy, fragments and run-on-sentences, you know, technical stuff.
      I'd like to give a bit of a polish before continuing on with the
      brand new story "The Lost Ones." which is still in development.

      Story One: "Echoes" can be found on my website
      here's the direct URL for it (http://www.geocities.com/karrenia-

      Summary: Jeri Mckenna is asigned to the SG-1 team and accompanies
      them on a mission to the planet PCx-1553 where they discover
      another Immortal has set herself up as the Moches' 'divine

      The working summary on my next story "The Lost Ones" will
      feature Methos. Where they discover the now long-abandoned
      homeworld of the Immortals, and abandoned experiment in
      cryogenics conducted by the Gou'ald, and doppleganger, or exact
      duplicate of Methos. Is this 'twin' friend or foe, and what
      does it mean for our Methos?
      Still very much in development.
      If any who is familar with both shows would like to give the
      one story an overhaul; and once I finish the second story,
      a beta read, please email me off-list.

      Thanks and take care, Karrenia aka Karen
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