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62Re: Welcome to Beta_Unlimited@onelist.com

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  • RaptorJC@aol.com
    Aug 25, 1999
      Hello. :-)

      I'm new, so here's some info about me.

      Name: RaptorJC
      Fav. Shows: The X-Files, Star Trek (Last 3 series more than the original),
      Pretender, Profiler, ER, Homicide: Life on the Streets,
      Due South
      Fav. Writers: You want me to pick? <G> I have too many, to be honest.
      Fav. Actors/Actresses: Anyone from those shows above except Mimi Rodgers
      Tom Hanks, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage,
      Meg Ryan
      Beta Read Fic: I can check anything for spelling, grammar, punctuation... I
      can give
      comments on pretty much anything, but I'd be able to
      offer more on
      the shows listed in my favorite show list
      Beta Read Ratings: G-NC-17
      Have I Beta Read Before: Yes
      Do I Write Fanfic: Yes
      Homepage Addy: http://members.aol.com/RaptorJC/index.htm (Links from there
      my Story Site, Features, and Link Pages)

      Hmm. That's pretty much it. Just wanted to introduce myself.

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