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614Beta needed in the near future

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  • Heidi Haring
    May 29, 2002
      Hello, I am currently working on A Highlander fic that will need a Beta reader in the near future. It does not contain any canon chars as of yet and so far does not plan to have them. Basically the only thing Highalnder-ish about it so far is the Immortality bit. It is slash but as of right now rated PG to possibly R (and that would be due to violent content).

      The prologue (which is not written yet) takes place in late WW2: more importantly during the freeing of the death camps. the first chapter (partially done) in 1946 Leningrad (St Petersburg for you youngins).

      I need someone comfortable with slash and the violent nature of the flashbacks the chars will have. I need a gram, spelling etc checker and also someone who I can bouce ideas off of. Someone who could kick me in the butt every so often would be a help as well as I tend to be a slow and easily distractred writer.

      Basic WW1, WW2, Russian Revolution and Holocaust knowledge would be helpful, I just had two classes on it so i know it well, but it might be best if both of us know what the heck is going on...

      Basic Highlander knowledge oddly isn't too essential... if you can grasp the concept of Immortality (non-Vampiristic) than you just might work out even if you do not know who Conner or Duncan MacLeod are...

      Email me offlist at the addy I am using now or this one icywind378@...

      It will prolly be a week or so before I have anything so no rush...

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