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57Re: Welcome to Beta_Unlimited@onelist.com

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  • Kelly MCkenzie
    Aug 11 3:34 PM
      > Name or Alias: Harmmac
      > Fav shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Pretender,
      >JAG & The X-Files, The Practice.
      > Fav writers of fanfiction: Liza,Kathleen Klatte & heaps of other I
      can't think of at this hour in the morning!!.
      > Fav actors and actresses: Steven Culp,David James Elliott, Catherine
      Bell, John M. Jackson, Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker etc.
      > Webpage address: None.
      > Do you write fanfiction?: Yeah, but I'm kinda new to it, so bear with
      > Do you beta-read: Not yet...I'm too busy making mistakes!! But I'm
      willing to give it a go.
      > The fanfiction you will beta read: From any of my
      > fav shows as stated above. But I can also check for
      > grammar and spelling in all other fics too! I'm
      > flexible!
      > The ratings of fiction you will beta read: From G to
      > NC-17
      > Thanks,
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