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546Diagnosis Murder Beta's Needed!!

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  • dundeelassieuk
    Mar 12, 2002

      I run a DM Archive Site and am looking for beta's (of all levels,
      strengths, weaknesses etc.)who would be willing to be listed at the
      archive site for authors to look to for help.

      I have almost 20 authors archiving their fic with me and several
      (including myself) have expressed the need we have for more beta's in
      the fandom in general.

      If you would be willing to be placed on such a list for our authors
      to look to in times of such need please do contact me. I am in the
      process of compiling this section of the site in answer to my needs
      and those of my fellow house mates at The Abode.

      There is one thing to note my site is A SLASH FICTION archive and can
      feature any Diagnosis Murder pairing but is for the most past 99.9%
      Steve Sloan/Jesse Travis.

      If slash does not squick you and you would like to be
      listed/involved in some way. Please feel free to check out the site
      before making a final decision one way or another.

      If you have particular preferences please include them if you decide
      to volunteer and I will note them in your 'resume' for prospective
      authors to peruse.

      Anyway thank you for your patience and attention.


      The URL for the archive is below and let me re-iterate that this is a