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541Real Ghostbusters beta sought

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  • wellplaypeoria
    Mar 2, 2002
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      I'm Deborah, and I write Real Ghostbusters. I'm looking for someone
      comfortable betaing Real Ghostbusters and or Sherlock Holmes. Nothing
      graphic, but this is part of a slash story arc.

      I do beta, mainly non-native English. I can consider a go in the
      following fandoms. The Sentinel, Due South (RayV, as I only saw the
      first 2 seasons), Real Ghostbusters, Pretender, Quantum Leap, Sherlock
      Holmes. I'm bifictional, so I can deal with gen slash and het.

      Warning, I'm not qualified with commas. I am good wrangling
      apostrophes, homophones and spellcheck mangles.

      Inquiries on betaing/being betaed respond off list.