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482deciding what to write, beta needed either way

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  • snow dome
    Jan 1 5:41 AM
      I've got quite a few fics I want to write, and the order I write them will
      depend on whether or not I can find a beta. I am from Australia, so if
      you're not from here too, you may not know some of the fandoms. I do beta
      read myself, but I don't like being beta for my own fics because other
      people are more likely to pick up mistakes. I'd preferably like someone that
      can look in depth on quite a few things - characterisation, spelling,
      grammar, tense (I've had a LOT of trouble with that in the past),
      believability, and if I'm having trouble of thinking of what to write, story
      ideas would be great too.

      All fics are most likely to be short stories so you wouldn't have much to
      read and it only has to be a once off thing.

      Please note also that I have started a couple of these fics so I'll probably
      eventually finish them anyway, even if I don't have a beta.

      The following list is a brief description of stories I'd like to write. If
      you'd like to beta any of them (one or more, I don't care), let me know.
      Some of them will be slash, and that would be outlined by the pairing. If
      you don't like slash, don't volunteer to beta those stories. I don't usually
      write above an M15+- rating however. Please respond onlist or to

      fandom: Secret Life+ADs- pairing: none+ADs- desc: a reunion of friendship(?) between
      Will +ACY- a new character
      fandom: Lord of the Rings+ADs- pairing: none+ADs- desc: someone IRL thinking of
      fandom: Harry Potter+ADs- pairing: Snape/Quirrell
      fandom: Dead or Alive 2+ADs- pairing: Lei Fang/Jann Lee
      fandom: Dead or Alive 2+ADs- pairing: Lei Fang/Helena
      fandom: Spin City+ADs- pairing: Stewart/Carter
      fandom: Full Frontal+ADs- pairing: Sergeant Spoog/Constable Farch
      fandom: Adam Sandler+ADs- pairing: none+ADs- desc: Adam Sandler appears on (and
      makes a mockery out of) rove+AFs-live+AF0-
      fandom: Seth Green+ADs- pairing: none+ADs- desc: Seth Green has a secret admirer
      fandom: Jay and Silent Bob+ADs- pairing: Jay/Bob (duh+ACE-)
      fandom: Mallrats+ADs- pairing: none+ADs- desc: Brodie +ACY- TS test their friendship
      fandom: Chasing Amy+ADs- pairing: Holden/Banky
      fandom: Charmed (AU RPS)+ADs- pairing: hint Shannen/Alyssa+ADs- desc: why Shannen
      Doherty left the show
      fandom: Dating the Enemy+ADs- pairing: Brett/Tash+ADs- desc: after the second body
      fandom: Secret Life+ADs- pairing: Will/Richie
      fandom: Saturday Night Live+ADs- pairing: none+ADs- desc: Phil Hartman's last will +ACY-
      fandom: Saturday Night Live+ADs- pairing: Adam Sandler/David Spade
      fandom: Grosse Pointe+ADs- pairing: Marcy/Dave, Hunter/Courtney+ADs- desc: what
      happened next (i.e., after the series was axed)
      fandom: America's Sweethearts+ADs- pairing Eddie/Kiki or Gwen/Kiki (I may write
      both fics)

      snow dome

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