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4740New zines at AWS, pt. 1

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  • Agent With Style
    May 15, 2010

      Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI – deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010.   Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged!  We sell out *fast*!

                             AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


          * Kung Fu:  The Legend Continues *


           Fulfilling his heart's desire -- it's what every man wishes.  For Peter Caine, it's being reunited with Mai Chi, a woman he loves and believes is lost to him forever.  For Kwai Chang Caine, it's building a life with his son.  For one, an impossible dream; for the other, a dream come true.  Then everything changes.

            A mystic sword, a determined madman, and a gaping portal in time and space all combine to rip Peter from his home and father and send him back into the arms of the woman who holds his heart.  Devastated, Peter eventually learns to accept this loss of father and friends as he finds his heart's desire with Mai Chi and the life they build together.

           Arriving on the scene seconds too late, Caine is tormented by the loss of his son.  Refusing to accept his loss, he will stop at nothing to get Peter back, even if it means turning his back on the Shaolin and Shambhala itself.  With Kermit's assistance, Caine embarks on the most challenging journey of his life -- crossing time and space to fulfill his heart's desire and bring his son safely home.  Written by J.P. Kraft, this is one zine you won't want to miss!


                     * Magnificent Seven *


           Walt Whitman wrote a series of poems called "The Calamus Cluster," which explored the idea of 'manly love.'  And taking a leaf from ol' Walt's book, that's what these stories focus on, that wonderfully manly love between Chris and Vin, focusing on hurt/comfort and first times.  Whether hot and heavy, or endearingly hesitant, you'll love these stories!

      "Sunrise/Sunset/Moonrise" by Winnie -- Old West.  The development of a relationship.

      "Together:  Each New Dawn" by Susie Burton -- Old West.  Poem.

      "Paint the Sky" by JIN -- Old West.  Chris stays with Vin when he is hurt too badly to travel.

      "Protection" by The Tenth Muse 1 -- Modern AU.  Chris and Vin take on a new gig, protecting one JD Dunne.

      "A Life Not Lost" by Annie -- ATF Denver.  An undercover assignment for Vin goes terribly wrong, and the fall out might just destroy his life with Chris.

      "A Life Not Left" by Annie -- ATF Denver.  When Vin's nemesis returns, it nearly costs him and Chris their lives.

      "Conquering the Mountain" by Susie Burton -- ATF Denver.  Chris and Vin go see a movie.

      "What We Hope to Learn" by Annie -- ATF Denver.  Chris needs to get his head together.  Vin needs to say what he feels.  Too bad neither of them is doing what they need to do.

      "...And Then to Bed" by Susie Burton -- ATF Denver.  When things don't go as planned... improvise.


                      * Find Us on the Web *

      We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook --


      -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the latest zine listings! 


                      * Real Ghostbusters *


           A stranger who appears very ill staggers into the firehall babbling of Evil, and of legions of ghosts about to endanger New York City, in this engaging novel by Sheila Paulson.  After telling Dr. Raymond Stantz that the Ghostbusters are the only ones who can stop the evil plotter responsible, he collapses right in front of the occultist.  Trying to discover who poisoned this strange man -- with a dart, no less! -- leads our heroes into a fight they can't afford to lose....


                            * The Sentinel *


           In this exciting collection that combines "Lord of the Rings" with "The Sentinel," Sheila Paulson weaves two great stories worthy of Tolkien himself.

      "Song of Joy" -- Blair Sandburg is injured and his partner takes him back to Middle Earth to be cured, only to discover that Osgiliath is being restored, and a terrible darkness has been discovered there, a darkness that only Blair Sandburg can help with.

      In the second tale, "The Memory of Shadows," there is a horrible killer running amok in Cascade.  While some think it may be a Jack the Ripper copycat, or something even worse, Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg realize that Orcs have come to Cascade from Middle Earth.


                          * Star Trek (TOS) *


           In a drop-dead gorgeous zine, with a full-color cover by Suzan Lovett, Dovya Blacque has collected many of her funny, thoughtful and heartwarming stories and poems, and then asked dozens of talented artists if she could use their eye-catching work to illustrate her prose.  Every artist immediately agreed, and the list of names on the table of contents is like a "Who's Who" of the best-known talent in K/S fandom!  In this 90-paged zine, you'll find Lorraine Bravig, Maureen Burns, Shelley Butler,  Marilyn Cole, Merle Decker, Deeb, Gayle Feyrer, KOZ, Caren Parnes, Chris Soto, TACS, tvals01, L.A. Adolf, Ashley, Diegina, HWF, Meg Kelly, Suzan Lovett, Melinda Lynch, Princess of Swords, Romanse and The Southern Cross, many of them submitting *brand-new* pieces to accompany Dovya's beautiful words.  Don't miss this amazing zine!


                            * Stargate SG-1 *


           In this captivating novel by Neena Varscona, when the Goa'uld find a way to hide a secret, deadly weapon inside the minds of innocent SGC members and their allies, the only way to save the planet is to sort through everyone’s nightmares.  For Dr. Daniel Jackson, there are things hidden away in his dreams that could do more than destroy the world – they could destroy his life.  His feelings for Jack are more than just brotherly, but in his nightmares, Jack scathingly rejects him.  And when that secret is forced to the surface, he decides to take extreme measures to set things right.  Daniel’s simple act of heroism leads him on a painful journey of trust and leads Colonel Jack O’Neill on a journey of self-discovery that will change the course of their future forever.  Will Daniel's nightmare become reality – or will love win out over all?


                         * Supernatural *


           Gathering the best Supernatural stories to be found on the net, this zine has tales by such wonderful authors as K. Hanna Korossy, Angela Gabriel and Bayre.  This issue contains, among many great stories, a sequel to "Bonding of Souls" (in HUNTING ON THE NET 10, available from AWS).  Barye continues her intriguing tale in the 94-paged novel "A Safe, Secure Place."  Sam is healing -- or is he? Something is amiss and neither brother seems able to stop the disaster that looms on their horizon.


                         * Torchwood *


            From the witty and fertile mind of Kittsbud come two long gen tales that together make for an amazing Torchwood / Doctor Who crossover novel.   Illustrated by gorgeous color artwork pieces and an eye-catching cover that's to-die-for, Kittsbud has outdone herself!  Don't miss this fantastic zine!

      "Of One Blood" by Kittsbud -- The Doctor offers Martha Jones a fun outing to Gettysburg, but can any trip in the TARDIS really be just for fun?  When the pair discover the past has been altered, and the universe has just a short while to live, they have no choice but to fight together one last time to save mankind!  What does the the secret military base at Montauk hide?  Who is the mysterious prisoner that must be guarded at all costs?  What does the Time Agency have to do with it?  And how can a world-reknowned scientist still draw breath over a hundred years after his birth and several decades after his reported death?  With help from a young Jack Harkness, the Doctor and Martha are determined to find out!

      "Union of Souls" by Kittsbud -- A growing energy force is threatening to destroy mankind and not even Time Lords or immortal Torchwood leaders are immune.  As more and more of the Tau K’mon appear on Earth, it soon becomes obvious the beings are using the Cardiff Rift to seep into our dimension, but what are their mysterious origins and why have they chosen our planet to conquer?  Can Captain Jack and his crew stop the entities, or will they require the help of a very special Doctor on call?  The problem is, after the events in Of One Blood, is he even the Doctor at all?

                              AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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