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  • ~~~ Sage
    Dec 21, 2001
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      I need a beta reader for this new story I'm writing! It only has 3 parts and
      is un-finished. Heres the info:

      Title: Eternal Nightmare

      Author: Sage

      Rating: 18

      Spoilers: Secret Circle and The Night World

      Disclaimers: The Secret Circle and The Night World characters belong to L.J.
      Smith. The Characters from the movie Deeply: Claire is the only character
      I'll be using; belong to the director. Sera, Brae, and any others that you
      don't recognize are mine.

      Spoilers: The Secret Circle, The Night World, and The movie 'Deeply'

      Summary: Love seeketh not itself to please/Nor for itself hath any care/But
      for another gives its ease/And builds a Heaven in Hell's despair. ~William
      Blake; a.k.a. a classic love story.

      If you would like to beta it for then please e-mail me at

      Send and receive Hotmail on your mobile device: http://mobile.msn.com
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