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  • kerrisonr
    Dec 15, 2001
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      Hello all.

      My name is Kerry and I'm a newbie to this list. I'm currently seeking
      assistance with my first Buffy fic. I'm an experienced author with
      both Xena, DC, and Uber stories under my 'belt' as well as many

      The reason I'm asking for help is because this is, of course, my
      first Buffy fic. I need to ensure characterization/dialog/etc.

      The story is W/T-- therefore whomever is kind enough to beta read for
      me should be able to read lesbian fiction without getting all icky.
      (I'd appreciate it.)

      I have both AIM and Yahoo! right now (i'm not on my own computer this
      month) and would love to speak with my beta reader over IM.

      If anyone is willing to help me with this story, I'd REALLY
      appreciate it.


      AIM: KerrisonRose
      Yahoo!: kerrisonr
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