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  • Elise Patricia
    Nov 2, 2001
      I have three one-piece stories I'd like to unveil, but I'd really rather they go through the eye of scrutiny first to thin out the bugs in them...  There are two Roswell stories and one Gilmore Girls story -- I'll go into detail below.  If you're interested in beta reading for any of them, you can contact me at behrbemine@....  Thanks for your time.
      Minutes Before the Fall (Roswell)  --  12 pages
      An "End of the World" fiction.  Liz, in the granolith chamber, looks back on the memories that will be erased from her seventeen year-old mind as Future Max is on his quest to save the world.
      Stolen Away (Roswell)  --  4 pages
      Kyle misses Liz.  A short Kyle POV piece set during the season one episode, "Heat Wave".
      When Opportunity Knocks (Gilmore Girls)  --  8 pages
      A Tristan POV piece.  Madeline's party (from "The Breakup, Part 2") turns out a little different.  Major Troryness.
      Thanks to anyone who has the time to beta read one of these.  I appreciate it greatly.