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  • chrysanthemum@mailbreak.com
    Oct 22, 2001
      Hi everyone! Just introducing myself...

      Name or Alias: Chrysanthemum

      Fav shows: Used to be Buffy, but Dawn made me mad... now it's Whose
      Line is it Anyway

      Fav writers of fanfiction: torch, Auden, Ilah Sef, KC, lunaflower,
      Heidi the Plastic Prince

      Fav actors and actresses: Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Antonio
      Banderas, Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor

      Webpage address: www.dreamwater.net/chrys/index.html, and I'm
      creating a site just for my fic which will eventually be at

      Do you write fanfiction?: I do; mostly Vampire Chronicles, and I once
      did a Buffy/VC crossover.

      Do you beta-read: I love to beta read! :)

      The fanfiction you will beta read: Vampire Chronicles and Savage
      Garden - I'm willing to read basically anything, but those two
      fandoms are the only ones I'm really familiar with.

      The ratings of fiction you will beta read: I'll do anything you care
      to throw at me. ;)

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