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  • CrystalRoses16@aol.com
    Jun 12, 2001
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      Hi ,

       I am Crystal Roses and I'm new to the group .  I like to write mostly anime
      fandom ,SF,fantsy , and so forth .

      You  know  what ?  I was  wrong.You are an idiot.My life happens to on
      occasion,suck beyond the telling of it.Sometimes more then I can handle.And
      it's not just mine.Every single person down there is ignoring you're pain
      because the're too busy with their own.

       The  beautifel  ones.The popular one.The guys that pick on you.Everyone.If
      you could hear what they were feeling.The loneliness,the confussion.It looks
      wuiet  down there.It's not.It's  deafening.
      - "  Earshot"  Jane  Espenson '  Buffy  the  Vampire  Slayer'

      Crystal Roses
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