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309Re: Mary Ann Carlquist

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  • MsCarstairs@worldnet.att.net
    Jun 7, 2001
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      --- In Beta_Unlimited@y..., Johanna Hupp-Clark <jhuppcla@k...> wrote:
      > I volunteer to beta your fic.
      > Jo
      > 'From childhood's hour, I have not been
      > As others were; I have not seen
      > As others saw; I could not bring
      > My passions from a common spring.'
      > -- from "Alone" by E.A.P.
      > 'We live and think we've made a mark,
      > But when our time has come,
      > We have to stop and think,
      > Does anyone know we've gone?'
      > -- from 'The Figurehead' by J.K.H.

      i just got your message thank you so much i have been looking
      for someone to beta read my stories for awhile this one is
      something i wrote a long time ago it's a little rough around
      the edges and forgive my punctuation it for lack of a better
      term stinks. but i have since bought a book on grammar and
      punctuation and also find myself consulting the spell and grammar
      check in word a lot more often.

      let me know when you want me to send you the story also
      would you ever consider beta reading a script? i'm a screnwriter
      who's currently in the middle of revisions and i really need
      someone's input as to whether i've finally grasp the finer points
      of punctuation.as well as making sure the story flows properly.


      Mary Ann Carlquist

      emailaddress: mscarstairs@...
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