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  • Semperjax@xxx.xxx
    Jul 3, 1999
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      ok please write a story specifically for a category. here are they are
      Best nc-17 rated
      Best R rated
      Best pg-13 rated
      Best pg rated
      Best cancer non-death
      Best cancer death
      Best character Death
      Best Post-ep
      Best POV Mulder
      BestPOV Scully
      Best Mythology story
      Best Non-Mythology story

      For Jag:
      Best nc-17
      Best character death
      Best post-ep

      Again please write or send a story that goes with a certain cat. and mark it
      as its cat when you send it.
      umm the deadline for entries is July 23, 1999
      stories must be over 24K umm i think thats it for now any questions write me
      at Semperjax@...
      send your stories to MPOH2002@...
      thanks again