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  • Agent With Style
    Oct 30, 2008

      Our next con is BASCon in San Francisco, CA, on November 7-9,2008.  We're flying out this year, which means we can take fewer zines with us.  If you want to make *sure* you get the zines you want, a pre-con order is a must!

      Pre-con orders can be placed on our website up until 11:00 PM on October 31, 2008.  We've added two *extra* days, so don't miss out! 

      Thanks to all who continue to send Coke reward codes to us at zines  @ agentwithstyle.com.  They are very much appreciated!

                                          AGENT WITH STYLE
                               * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      We've added the following zines to our website:


                                               * The Equalizer *

      BLACK JAG 1
      BLACK JAG 2
      BLACK JAG 3
      BLACK JAG 4
      BLACK JAG 5
      BLACK JAG 6
      BLACK JAG 7
      BLACK JAG 8
      BLACK JAG 9
      BLACK JAG 10
      BLACK JAG 11
      BLACK JAG 12
      BLACK JAG 13
      BLACK JAG 14

           The purring engine of the sleek black Jag that slides out of the shadows with ex-spy Robert McCall at the wheel signals another case is afoot.  And in the pages of these wonderful gen zines you'll find the stories of those folks who desperately need the Equalizer to come to their aid.  Here, the little guy can get help, honorable help, and can triumph over city hall, some evil scum , or even his or her own fears.  Right does not require might so much as intelligence, wit, patience and perseverance.  Join McCall, Kostmayer, Control and the rest as they do what needs doing – in the shadowy world of spies as well as the real world.  Not to be missed!


                                          * The Professionals *


            From undercover ops to under-the-covers, Bodie and Doyle are the best at what they do.  Whether it's a serious case or laughing, playful loving, these two secret agent men get the job done!  Don't miss out on this fantastic slash zine with authors such as Annie, Lizzie, April Hackett and Darby Brennan and a gorgeous cover by Lorraine Brevig!


                                             * Stargate SG-1 *


            From the astounding mind of RLH Balzer comes a gen novel set after General Jack O'Neill has left the SGC to give the nation's capitol the benefit of his wisdom.  W
      hen Daniel Jackson is suddenly and mysteriously transformed into an infant for a month, Jack returns and decides to take the precocious child with him back to Washington, DC — and the Department of Homeworld Security.  But is the Pentagon ready for Danny?


                                           * Starsky and Hutch *

      A LOVE STORY 3

           The title of this great S/H zine is taken from a quote by David Soul, who said that Starsky and Hutch was "a love story about two men who happen to be cops."  Filled with gripping drama and sweet love, these stories by such fantastic authors as Lyn, Annie, Monika and KimberlyFDR will hold you spellbound to the very last page!


                                               * Supernatural *


            Dean Winchester is keeping a terrible secret from his brother – their father's last words:  "If you can't save Sam, you might have to kill him."  That secret, and the knowledge that he walked away from a chance to bring his beloved father back to life, are slowly tearing Dean apart.  In this enthralling gen novel by Carol Davis, the mysterious, violent deaths of several street kids bring the Winchester brothers to Brooklyn, New York, where they reunite with Sarah Blake – and confront a demon who will prey on Dean's desperate need to protect his family...at all costs.


           Set in the summer of 2008 — in an alternate universe that breaks from canon after “What Is and What Should Never Be” — this gen novel by Hiyacynth follows the Winchester brothers as they recover from the damage suffered in the war between the Yellow-Eyed Demon and the hunter community.  As they arrive in a small town in coastal Oregon, a shell-shocked Sam begins having visions again.  Dean — desperately trying to keep things together — takes a job at a local garage, moves them into the motel run by the garage owner’s wife, and tries to work out what’s triggering Sam’s abilities now that the Demon is gone.  Welcomed by the family that runs the motel, Dean and Sam settle into a reasonable facsimile of normal small-town life, but revelations about the roles they played in the war, questions about Sam’s mental health, the complications of new relationships, and troubling indications that the YED’s plans may not have died with him threaten the Winchesters and their new friends and leave Dean wondering whether his family and the people they love will ever recover — or even survive.


           In a rumbling black Impala, with heavy metal blasting, the Winchester boys travel from town to town in one long, unending search for evil.   In these fascinating gen zines, from the amazing minds of K. Hanna Korossy, Brate, Gaelicspirit, JJJunky, IMTheresa, Carole Seegraves, Bjxmas, Hermitme, Kittsbud and many others come brand-new, wicked tales of laughter and tears, danger and brief moments of safety in the lives of the Winchester brothers.  Come join Sam and Dean for a wild, wild ride!

      SALT 'N' BURN 1
      SALT 'N' BURN 2

            Just because someone dies, it doesn't mean that their spirit is at rest.  A vengeful ghost, or even just one who hasn't realized it's no longer alive,  can be halted in its tracks by finding the person's bones, dousing them with salt and burning them in a hot, blazing fire.  It's a final answer to many of the problems Sam and Dean come across on their travels, and has become an automatic reaction to seeing something otherworldly.  But sometimes salting and burning just won't do...  Come revel in the scary, heartwrenching, and sometimes hysterical gen tales from the prolific and talented pen of Bjxmas.  You'll find yourself reaching for the Morton's and a Bic and going on the prowl!

                                          AGENT WITH STYLE
                               * www.agentwithstyle.com *


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