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  • Lady K
    Apr 25, 2001
      Anyone interested in helping me out? I need someone to editted a few
      stories. Or a few people to edit some stories. I don't know how to phrase it
      (I've been up three days straight writing).

      Problem is most are originals. And almost all are unfinished because I need
      them editted before I can start again.

      #1: Fanfic, Lost Boys (sort of). It is set in the same world as that,
      mentions the boys and Max but this is a different Pack of vampires. They
      took over after the incident with Davids pack. ((Though in my version the
      originals made it out, they just left town)) It is going to be a long
      series. Contains a bit of gore.

      #2: Anita Blake fanfic though not about Anita. It features Jean Claude,
      Asher, Damien, The Pard, and Anita appears a few times. Though the light on
      her is not exactly friendly.

      #3: Orignal. Vlad Tepis story though he is not the usual version. This one
      is half done and will be a tear jerker. Contains a bit of gore.

      #4: Orignal. A horror/supernatural romance. Contains a bit of gore.

      #5: Short BtVS fic. Though it may turn into a series. Cordy/Willow sort of.

      That is all for now but the rate I come up with idea and pop them out I will
      have more soon. So, any takers?

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