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272Beta needed, primarily for X-men-movie crossover story

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  • Katarina Hj�rpe
    Apr 25 4:20 AM
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      I just signed on to this list, and will already make demands. Now, what I
      need in the long run is one or a couple of loyal betas who will read my
      stuff (X-Men, The Young Riders, Angel, et.c.) Right now, what I
      *desperately* need is a person to beta my crossover between X-Men and The
      Young Riders. It's supposed to be able to understand from one fandom point
      of view only, and I have readers (not betareaders, just friends going "okay,
      I liked that, but what's going to happen to Hank?") from the Young Riders
      fandom going through it, so what I need is not basically someone who liked
      the X-Men-movie and want to betaread a story about it. It's *not* L/R. I
      wouldn't write L/R if I was paid for it. (Okay, depends on how much.) It
      contains most of the canon characters (plus Hank) and focuses mainly on
      Storm and Noah -- primarily because those two characters are ridiculously
      underused. Anyone willing?

      If you want to see what I can do before you decide, look at my website.
      Fanfic section, not Dief section, that's not my own stuff.



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