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2659New zines at AWS, vol. 1

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  • Agent With Style
    May 5 9:13 AM

      Our next con is MediaWest Con in Lansing, MI, on May 21-26,2008.  If you want to make sure you get that zine you've got your eye on, a pre-con order assures that it won't sell out before you get to our tables.  Pre-con orders can be placed on our website up until 11:59 PM on May 12, 2008. 

      New!  Anyone placing a pre-con order *before* the May 12 deadline can *add to* it up until May 18, 2008.  But you must have a pre-con order already on file with us to add zines *after* May 12.

      Thanks to all who continue to send Coke reward codes to us at zines  @ agentwithstyle.com.  They are very much appreciated!

                           AGENT WITH STYLE
                * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      We've added the following zines to our website:


                                                 * Due South *


           In this amazingly *thick* RayK/Fraser slash novel by Grey, Ray is letting his work take over his life after shooting a 14-year-old in self defense, and Welsh and Fraser are worried about him.  When Fraser tries to push his friend to share what he's feeling, he discovers that the trust between partners is not as strong as he thought it was — on both sides.  Ray also learns that you can't always run from secrets — they have a way of catching up with you.


           Ray and Fraser are settling into their relationship, in this intriguing slash novel by Grey, but not without a few bumps along the way.  Despite Fraser's efforts, Ray finds it more and more difficult to fight off his depression and remain sober.  About six months after the end of BYGONES 1, Ray gets a murder case that puts him in danger again.  After he is nearly killed, Fraser does the only thing he can think of and takes him to Canada for safekeeping.


           With an amazing cover by Cat's Meow, the third slash novel in this enthralling series by Grey has Ben taking Ray to Canada to protect him from O'Malley, a Chicago mobster.  They begin to strengthen their relationship and build a new life in Yellowknife, only to have it disrupted by a figure from Ben's past.


           The final slash novel in the BYGONE series by Grey begins a few weeks after BYGONE 3 ends.  Suffering from paralysis of his arm and other complications from being shot, Ben is admitted to a rehabilitation facility, and Ray must spend time alone, readying their cabin for Ben's homecoming.  While there are others with whom Ray has contact, Turnbull's ex and Mimi's son, for instance, he is faced with living mostly with himself.  When Ben comes home and eventually resumes his duties, Ray finds it difficult to accept he is no longer able to protect Ben, or even be a cop.  While his career as a photographer is taking off, the rape's aftermath and his drinking may ruin Ray's life.  Only Benton Fraser has any chance of getting Ray to accept the help he needs.  Don't miss this amazing zine!


           With a lovely color cover and b&w interiors by Shar, here is a collection of slash  "Due South" and "Hard Core Logo" stories previously printed in various multimedia zines.  "Due South" stories include:  Rut; Face to Face; Ready (co-written by Sehkmet);  Going On; Told You; Sharp; Trust.  Ready and Trust are new, exclusive to this collection.  "Hard Core Logo" stories include:  Shiny; Insecurities; In the End; Lucky.  


                                             * Hard Core Logo *

           This fandom is based upon a mock-documentary which looks at a veteran punk rock band taking one final stab at the big time. Singer Joe Dick, guitarist Billy Tallent, bassist John Oxenberger and drummer Pipefitter were the members of Hard Core Logo, a Vancouver-based rock band that was one of Canada's biggest and most influential punk outfits for the better part of a decade. Formed in 1978, Hard Core Logo broke up in 1991 after releasing seven albums and playing over a thousand shows; Joe went on to play the occasional solo gig, Billy moved to L.A. and has been sitting in with platinum-selling alternative pop band Jennifur while their guitarist tries to kick drugs, John has been putting his life back together after a severe nervous breakdown, and Pipefitter hasn't been doing much of anything. Word begins to circulate that Bucky Haight, one of the seminal figures of Canadian punk and Joe's mentor, lost a leg (or maybe both) following a mysterious incident in which intruders shot him after breaking into his prairie farmhouse. Joe organizes a benefit for Bucky, with Hard Core Logo reuniting for the occasion; the show is a huge success, and Joe persuades Billy to join him, John and Pipefitter for a five-date reunion tour to cash in on the benefit's notoriety. Billy, killing time while he waits to find out if his spot in Jennifur will become permanent, is more than a bit preoccupied, and his desire for professionalism doesn't mesh especially well with Joe's take-it-as-it-comes attitude -- especially after it becomes evident that Joe's purposes for reuniting the band weren't as benevolent as they seemed.


           With a lovely color cover and b&w interiors by Shar, here is a collection of slash "Hard Core Logo" and "Due South" stories previously printed in various multimedia zines. "Hard Core Logo" stories include:  Shiny; Insecurities; In the End; Lucky.  "Due South" stories include:  Rut; Face to Face; Ready (co-written by Sehkmet);  Going On; Told You; Sharp; Trust.  Ready and Trust are new, exclusive to this collection.


                                             * Harry Potter *

      These zines are once again available!


           Book 1 in the "Psychic Serpent Trilogy" by Barb.  In Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts, he gets a snake with the Sight; Hermione’s torn between Ron and Harry, who's torn between her and Ginny, who's torn between him and Draco Malfoy, who's torn between her and loyalty to his father.  Voldemort may be trying to recruit Harry now instead of killing him, and there are giants and house elves and a Duelling Club, oh, my!  In two full-sized, double-columned volumes -- page count 375.  These are sold only as a set and not individually.


           Book 2 in the "Psychic Serpent Trilogy" by Barb.  During Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts, Professor Trelawney did a Tarot reading for him.  She told Harry he would have to make a choice that could “change the world as we know it."  Now, at  the beginning of his sixth year, Harry chooses, and the world does change.  Does it change for the better?  If he wants, can Harry change it back?  Or is giving Harry exactly what he wants Voldemort’s ultimate revenge?  In two full-sized, double-columned volumes -- total page count 476.  These are sold only as a set and not individually.


           Book 3 in the "Psychic Serpent Trilogy" by Barb.  Harry's seventh and final year of school at Hogwarts.  In a time of uncertainty, the Muggle world has found a source of comfort and stability.  Only Harry suspects that it isn't safe.  Wizards are more concerned about themselves than Muggles since Voldemort's return, but are only Muggles at risk?  Will anyone listen to Harry?  He must decide whether Draco Malfoy is ultimately friend or foe and discover the identity of the Daughter of War and get her help in defeating Voldemort; and finally, Harry must decide whether to make a sacrifice that will change him -- and the wizarding world -- forever.  In three full-sized, double-columned volumes -- total page count 670.  These are sold only as a set and not individually.


           This novella by Ronni Katz takes place right after the end of "The Order of the Phoenix".  Harry is back at 4 Privet Drive, facing another boring summer, when an owl arrives, inviting him back to Hogwarts for a special summer session.  Hogwarts has <i>never</i> had "summer school" before!  The mystery of why a thousand-year-old tradition of "no school" in the summer is the first of many mysteries ahead for Harry, Ron and Hermione. Old friends and a few new faces join the "magical Scooby gang" in this as true-to-JKR as a fan story can get novella.  Don't miss it!


           Prequel to the "Psychic Serpent Trilogy" by Barb.  Bill Weasley begins his education at Hogwarts in 1975, in the middle of Voldemort's reign of terror.  He never suspects that the Gryffindor prefects he looks up to, Lily Evans and James Potter, will eventually have a son who saves the wizarding world, nor that the Weasley family will eventually play an important role in the Dark Lord's fall.  All he knows is that in a very scary wizarding world, Hogwarts is a safe haven where he has always longed to be -- until, that is, there are whispers of vampires and werewolves, of Death Eaters and traitors, and a Seeress pronounces a Prophecy which will shake the wizarding world to its very foundations....  In two full-sized, double-columned volumes -- total page count 386.  These are sold only as a set and not individually.  Although this is a prequel, it does contain spoilers to the trilogy, so you might want to get and read the others first.


           The editors of this zine went out on the web searching for the best-crafted, well-plotted Harry Potter stories they could find, and what they brought back for this zine is amazing!  Written by some of the best writers in this fandom, these stories span the HP universe, set in various times and places, with all your favorite characters.  Come immerse yourself in the wizarding world of Harry Potter and let the magic sweep you away!


                                                * Highlander *


           This Highlander/The Sentinel crossover novella by Sarah St. Ives looks at the growing relationship between Duncan MacLeod and Richie Ryan while Duncan deals with danger and surprises, with a guest appearance from the Sentinel pairing of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg.  Don't miss this amazing zine!


                                                       * House *


           When Bohemian artist David Wilson is diagnosed with AIDS-related lymphoma, he instinctively goes for help to a cancer specialist – his big brother James, from whom he has been estranged for many years.   When Greg House learns from David the awful truth that, once upon a time, "Wilson liked to kiss boys," House goes about testing that theory -- and covering a space in his own heavily-guarded heart he had never hoped to bridge.  This all happens amid the usual mayhem that is House's life from his crashing poor Hector's doggie funeral to his discovery of Cuddy's secret recreational activity to his being "banned for life" from a restaurant, all with Wilson always dragged along in his wake.  This novel is Melody Clark at her best:  toe-curlingly erotic, wildly imaginative, hilariously funny, and with dialog as good as -- or better than -- the series itself.   Highly recommended!


                                                 * The Sentinel *


           In this fascinating novel, written by LilyK, with a color cover by Amy, when Drs. Blair Sandburg, and his sister, Brynn Sandburg, and their colleague Matt Ambrose go to Peru to study the Temple of the Sentinels, they're attacked by a group of hostile natives. The Chopec rescue them, and Blair unexpectedly, at long last, meets his destiny. And don't miss the sequel, SACRIFICES AND MIRACLES!


           This Sentinel/Highlander crossover novella by Sarah St. Ives looks at the growing relationship between Duncan MacLeod and Richie Ryan while Duncan deals with danger and surprises, with a guest appearance from the Sentinel pairing of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg.  Don't miss this amazing zine!


           In this sequel to BITTERSWEET, written by LilyK, Enqueri and Blair, along with Brynn, Blair's sister, are happily living with the Chopec when it is discovered that Brynn's child, son of Incacha, may have a heart defect.  The three adults take the child back to 'civilization' for medical care, but Steven Ellison interferes, with dire consequences.  An exciting read with the romantic love story you've come to expect from this author!


                                          * Starsky and Hutch *


           From the crafty mind of Suze777 comes a series of slashy tales that tell an over-all story which begins just before "Sweet Revenge," the last episode of the series, and ends many years later, with Starsky and Hutch as an established couple.  What happens in between?  How did the two men get together?  How did they buy a house together?  How did they end up still living there together 20 years later as a twosome, fully and deeply in love?  Come find out!


           A wonderful author, Lynna Bright, wrote a saga called "A Place," but she left it unfinished, and invited others to write their own endings.  Nikki Harrington has done just that.  She includes a full synopsis of Lynna's stories, so that you can read this amazing novel without having read Lynna's.  In Nikki's novel, Starsky makes a decision, the consequences of which affect himself, Hutch, and their wives and children.  Can the former partners, now turned lovers, ride out the storm that threatens to destroy them, and finally find what they've desperately been searching for?  Don't miss this thrilling novel!


                                             * Supernatural *


           The gates of hell have been opened and a new power has been unleashed.  Nature fights for balance as storms tear across the land.  The Winchester brothers are on the warpath in this enthralling novel by Kamelion, but with demons on the rampage and Sam's increasing fury, will they be able to hold it together?  Will Sam go darkside or can Dean save him?  Or will the evil being that has set its sights on Sam win this round?

                           AGENT WITH STYLE
                * www.agentwithstyle.com *