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2487Buffy Beta Needed

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  • Lissie Girl
    Sep 25, 2007
      Hello all,
      I'm sorry to do this so last minute, but I keep thinking I've found a beta, who unfortunately doesn't follow through.  I've got a oneshot Dawn genfic written for a contest, and the deadline is the first of October.  The story's not long -- I'd just need a general look-over.  Grammar-wise, plot-wise, whatever your strengths may be.  I'd need a short enough turnaround time, probably by Sunday.  Would that be possible for anyone?  I'd appreciate it greatly!  :)
      Thanks for listening,
      - -
      "We reached the Mediterranean.  I wanted those waters to be blue, but they were black.  Nighttime waters.  And how I suffered then, straining to recall the color that in my youth I had taken for granted."
      -- 'Interview with the Vampire'
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