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2477Beta Needed for H/D Slash Fiction story

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  • Dreamy
    Aug 29, 2007

      I have recently finished Chapter 7 of my story Bane of my Existence. My main beta told me awhile back she may not be around to beta the next one due to RL problems. Since I sent it off to her with no word in return, I figure that this means I am in need of a new beta.
      Story Details:
      Title: Bane of My Existence
      URL:  http://rq.citadelofthewolf.com/viewuser.php?uid=1 (Must Log in first, then click on the url and select the story)
      Rating: Currently PG, Eventually it will be NC-17
      Paring: Harry/Draco
      Story Length: Now 7 chapters, though I only need the current chapter 7 done at the moment.
      How often do I update: Not frequently. This will be the second time I have updated this year. I have a very strenuous job situation, and don't have as much energy to write as I used to. I do hope to get out chapter 8 by the end of the year though.
      Beta Strengths Needed:
      *    Punctuation is a must. (I am better at punctuation than I used to be.)
      *    Minor Grammar help
      *    Plot and Characterization help a plus.
      *    Brit-picking would be nice (I do have my word set to UK, so it does catch quite a few of them)
      *    Someone to bounce my ideas off of would be a double plus. (I sometimes like to talk out my ideas to see if they should be used or not.)
      Type of Criticism: I would like someone to be honest with me. If you think that something doesn't work, or sounds off, let me know. If you think one of my idea's stink, let me know too. I may just happen to agree with you if you explain it well enough.

      Contact: Please contact me off-list at either my url above, or this address . Thanks!
      Dream Howler