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234Need someone to beta a B/A AU Fic

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  • ~S~
    Feb 27, 2001
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      Hi, I'm Shirlz.  I'm new but this list was recommended to me when I put out an appeal for a beta.
      I am beginning to write a new fic which is going to be very involved in American Police procedure a la missing persons and also very involved in the whole psychological reasons as to why someone runs away.  It will also be B/A centric as I am a huge B/A Shipper 
      I don't know how long it is going to take me or how often I will produce a chapter as my RL can be a bit of a bitca.  Add to that the intense bouts of cerebral constipation I go down with and...
      I need a person who can beta for me...advise me on whether I have the 'American' side of things right etc.  Someone who can turn around a chapter as soon as possible.
      My normal beta is unwell and has been for sometime...this means that she can take weeks to get back to me...which, although I understand and sympathize as she is a close friend, is no good for someone who has the patience of a gnat!   Add to that the fact that I hope that this will be quite a substantial sized fic...you can see why it would be unfair to ask her.   
      So, if you think you can cope with an impatient perfectionist...
      Thanx in advance
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