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  • yibbgirl
    Sep 16, 2006
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      I'd be be happy to review for you. I have to warn you...I used to be
      a huge Spike/Buffy fan but now I am all about Buffy/Angel. I'll give
      you an honest opinion though. In fact, I am working on an unfinished
      B/A story and could use a beta myself. I also could use some grammar
      checks but I also would like an objective opinion on the idea and my
      characterizations. Also, it is getting rather long so if you think
      that I should break it up a bit that would be good. Here's the

      Timeline: Based loosely on season 5 BtVS after "Fool for Love" and
      Season 2 AtS after "Redefinition"

      Summary: Joyce passed away two months ago, Riley is gone and there
      is no Dawn. Buffy is becoming more solitary and focused on slaying.
      The First Slayer has begun appearing in Buffy's dreams-Giles, afraid
      of losing her, calls the only one who might reach her.

      Let me know if you're interested.

      --- In Beta_Unlimited@yahoogroups.com, "Danielle"
      <guardian_erin@...> wrote:
      > Try, try again. I need a beta for my BtVS and Ats crossover
      > fiction. It is the beginning of a [short] series. Grammar help
      > will be good but I really just need a review. I'd like to know
      > you think about the idea and where I should go with it. No
      > my plot though, this one is my baby.
      > Info: Not even R right now. Spike/Buffy pairing based after
      > in an AU world. Spike died, Buffy & friends moved to LA to live
      > near Angel. In the Angel world everyone is still at the Hyperion -

      > no Connor, no Wolfram and Hart upgrade, Angel and Cordelia are
      > together. Buffy chooses not to slay but Angel Investigations
      > fights crime but that's not all.
      > The real depth of the story is what happened to Spike after Chosen
      > ended.
      > I don't want to give it away entirely but they do run across him
      > again. If you read it you'll find out what his situation is.
      > Interested? Email me. The more the better but I'm not even close
      > to finished.
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