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2115Beta needed!

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  • Danielle
    Sep 16, 2006
      Try, try again. I need a beta for my BtVS and Ats crossover
      fiction. It is the beginning of a [short] series. Grammar help
      will be good but I really just need a review. I'd like to know what
      you think about the idea and where I should go with it. No stealing
      my plot though, this one is my baby.

      Info: Not even R right now. Spike/Buffy pairing based after Chosen
      in an AU world. Spike died, Buffy & friends moved to LA to live
      near Angel. In the Angel world everyone is still at the Hyperion -
      no Connor, no Wolfram and Hart upgrade, Angel and Cordelia are
      together. Buffy chooses not to slay but Angel Investigations still
      fights crime but that's not all.

      The real depth of the story is what happened to Spike after Chosen

      I don't want to give it away entirely but they do run across him
      again. If you read it you'll find out what his situation is.

      Interested? Email me. The more the better but I'm not even close
      to finished.
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