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2112Beta for a new B/A fic

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  • yibbgirl
    Sep 10 12:55 PM
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      I need a Beta for a Buffy/Angel story (5,000 words) which may turn
      into a series. I would appreciate someone to helping me with my
      occasionally sloppy grammar and punctuation (and anything else I'm
      screwing up). Also, I am a little weak on knowledge of AtS, I
      haven't watched it as religiously as BtVS.

      Timeline:Based loosely on season 5 BtVS after "Fool for Love" and
      Season 2 AtS after "Redefinition"

      Summary: Joyce passed away two months ago, Riley is gone and there
      is no Dawn. Buffy is becoming more solitary and focused on slaying.
      The First Slayer has begun appearing in Buffy's dreams. Giles,
      afraid of losing her, calls the only one who might reach her.
      Meanwhile, Angel is questioning his purpose after his actions with
      Darla and Drusilla.